What is The Weirdest/Funniest Thing That You've Seen at Disney?

slappy magoo

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Because I'm always trying to get my wife and/or our kids to laugh, and my tolerance for shame is pretty high, I think I often am the weirdest thing anyone sees at Disney.

Our last trip was around Xmastime in 2016. It was a surprise trip, pretty much the Christmas present for the kids that year, and we kind of maxed out, couldn't really afford it because my wife took a year off, but since she DID take a year off, it would be the only time we could go around Xmas without actually going ON Xmas.

We didn't plan on going to the Very Merry Xmas Party, but since it wasn't a long trip we kept thinking about it (without discussing with the kids). We're on a bus back to our resort, and an announcement comes on about the party. My oldest hears it, she asks if we can do it because she has no idea it costs extra. My wife explains to her that we didn't budget for it, it's very expensive. Kid understands, a little disappointed ,but no tantrum or anything. My wife turns around and sees me looking up at the speaker where the announcement came from, holding my open wallet up to it like it's my own little baby Simba, fake-crying and mouthing silently as if to shout "JUST TAKE IT!!! TAKE IT ALLLLLLL!!!" It was really just for my wife, but then I hear the laughter and I realize every other adult on the bus is watching me, probably thinking the same thing I'm thinking.

Yes, we went the next day.

I am Timmy

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Several years ago when my now adult children were young kids, we were in Tomorrowland for EMH. I don't ride Space Mountain (I have, but no longer due to back issues), so I would usually relax and people watch (actually pretty fun!) while DH took the boys on the ride. I do this quite a bit. Well, this one fine morning there was a large family gathered near the tables with a huge cooler, the kind you pull behind you with wheels. They all grab a snack and head off to the ride, except Dad (I think) who stays behind with all the stuff. This guy has loose soccer shorts on, and he's standing with one leg up on a chair. He begins digging up under his shorts scratching something, I guess. And he does it again. And again. He and I are the only ones out there, and it gets to the point where I'm getting uncomfortable. I keep checking the time trying to look anywhere else (there were no smart phones back then!), praying for my family to hurry up. Finally, I see my family exit the ride..... only to have them get right back on. Awesome. He continues his assault, in between licking his fingers from the snack he was eating. Eventually his family comes back to the table, and I figure they'll move on. They did, but not before Dad pulls a giant ziplock bag of cookies from the cooler, puts THE hand in it, and passes out coo kies to each of the unsuspecting family members, individually, with THE hand. I couldn't look away. They were all munching happily on the cookies, completely unaware, and all I could think was, " they are all eating cr**ch cookies".


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My wife and I were at Epcot and a family passed us moving quickly and the mother said to the children, "hurry up, we have a switch back for Fast Track!" We could only assume she meant "Fast pass for Test Track". We had a good laugh and to this day, we repeat what she said when whenever we head towards TT to ride.


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I mentioned this in a celebrity-sighting thread, but I love to tell it . . . I was once in line with my daughter, waiting to ride Barnstormer, when Snoop Dogg arrives with his entourage, and he is wearing a Goofy hat (complete with ears!) . . . My daughter still makes fun of me for squealing, "Snoop said 'sup to me!"


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One of the strangest that comes to mind was eating at the San Angel Inn. The woman at another table had one too many margaritas and was lifting her tee shirt up for a quick flash of her chest and no, she did not have a bra one.

My Walmart story is that I also used to stop for diapers for our DS on the way home from work. Since I was in a shirt, tie and sports coat inevitably someone would ask me where a product was located. I would always either try to direct them or if I did not know say, “I’m sorry I don’t work here.” I loved to see their reaction to that. They would get flustered and apologize. I guess they thought I was offended.


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In 2005: A couple tries to get into an obvious corporate event/Illuminations party and is stopped by a cast member. "Sorry, this is a private event." To which the couple responds, "BUT WE'RE ANNUAL PASSHOLDERS. WE DEMAND TO GET IN."
On my recent visit, I did a backstage tour of Epcot, and on several occasions when our tour leader would take us into the Cast Member entrance, a bunch of random people would try to follow us in. The tour leader would explain that this is just for a tour group, and the other guests would get all huffy and say things about demanding to get in and being passholders and 'going to guest services'. The CM would just roll their eyes, I guess they deal with that junk all the time.


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I have a few of them;

The last time I was at WDW, we were at MVMCP, we were buying some party souvenirs at Big Top Souvenirs. This rushed past me and started to circle around the bakery in the center. There were three security guards following him for different sides. He went past two of them a few times, they didn't grab him, they were trying to force him in a direction. Eventually he left out an emergency door, I didn't see what happen next.

The same trip, the same party on the way back to POP I was standing on the bus. It was extremely full. There was a family of 9 that got on the bus first because the grandma was in a scooter. I was standing in front of the son and his daughter. They were a rough family, the young kids were swearing in front of the parents and such. Anyway the first thing I heard was the daughter complaining about the grandma, it was really mean, the dads answer was basically to be glad grandma was here or we wouldn't get good seats on the buses. The daughter said that you (the dad) owes me for taking one for the team. She was bunking with grandma. The second thing I heard was the dad bragging how he got the family into the party for free. From what he said, when the CM's started to clear the park for the party he started to complain that he and his family had to leave and how they paid for the day, etc. He told his daughter that you just have to get louder and louder and that eventually he was able to get his whole family in the party for free. I found it hard to believe but you never know. By the way I was a little ed.

In a trip we had in September, we were in DHS, we were stopped at a crossway when the Star Wars characters were marching by. As each character came by there was a guy next to me, he had to 30 to 40 years old, he started to almost hyperventilate and yelling as each character marched by. He yell, "oh my god, oh my god, it's Darth Vader". He would do this for each of the characters of the "dark side". It just seemed weird.


If you ask my kids, the answer will be me on the Kilimanjaro Safari. We had a fast pass booked but arrived at the tail end of the time slot. Now excuse my straight talking, but as we went in, I needed a poo but thought I could wait until we finished the ride. Being my first time on KS, I hadn’t realised quite how bumpy the whole experience is and I spent the entire trip concentrating on not soiling myself to my 3 teens amusement and my wife telling me it was my own fault. Fortunately there was a toilet right next to the exit and my trousers were saved.

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This one I am sure is very dated, but it was funny. My wife and I were just coming into the Magic Kingdom, (in 1986), and heard an loud bang. We turned and there was Little John, trying to come through a door. He pushed it open and it swung back and closed as he tried to
get through. I walked over and let him through. It was funny, because he did not have a handler with him.


We were waiting at the TTC monorail stop and a guy comes up to the CM. Here is the exchange:
Guest: Excuse me, where is the Magic Kingdom Parking Lot?
CM: This is the Magic Kingdom Parking Lot.
Guest: No, I mean the parking lot for the Magic Kingdom.
CM: Sir, this is it.
Guest: No no no. You don't understand. I'm looking for the parking lot for the Magic Kingdom.
CM: Yes, sir. This is where you park when you go to the Magic Kingdom.
Guest: No, I'm looking for the parking lot by the Magic Kingdom.
CM: Sir, aside from the Contemporary Resort's parking lot, this is it.
Guest: I'm not looking for a resort parking lot, I need the Magic Kingdom parking lot.
My family and I were trying hard not to burst out laughing. The CM looked at us and almost joined in. The monorail came, we got on and the poor CM was still trying to explain it to the guy.

Another time in DL my wife and I were near a gap in the rail by the Matterhorn (just a chain across the gap). It was her first trip there and we were just looking for a minute, watching the ride. We turned around and a line had formed behind us. We waiting a little longer, chuckling to ourselves as the line kept growing, then we left. Everyone just kept standing there waiting for.... nothing.


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You should visit Walmart some time...I don't go there any more but I heard stories that the store is full of strange things like you stated.
I go to Walmart I'd say 3 times a week on average. I've yet to see any of that kinda stuff. If that doesn't change soon, I'm going to stop going there. Now, that's not to say I haven't seen some strange looking people, but, you find them everywhere.


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Back in the late '80s, I was walking through the Magic Kingdom near the Carousel, and pushing through the crowd right towards me was a big group of large guys dressed in black suits, wearing sunglasses. They sort of walked all around me to get by, and suddenly bam! A woman ran into me. "Oh, I'm sorry!" she said, and I realized I'd just collided with Cyndi Lauper.
Back in the late '80s, I was walking through the Magic Kingdom near the Carousel, and pushing through the crowd right towards me was a big group of large guys dressed in black suits, wearing sunglasses. They sort of walked all around me to get by, and suddenly bam! A woman ran into me. "Oh, I'm sorry!" she said, and I realized I'd just collided with Cyndi Lauper.
Now True Colors will be stuck in my head for a week!


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This happened a couple years ago in Epcot. I was enjoying a martini in a very crowded Rose & Crown Pub, when there appeared to be a commotion on the other side. Seemed someone fell down in the crowd. I didn't know if it was an elderly person, or some medical situation, or what. The folks over there finally got this guy up and draped him over the bar, and I could then see that he was totally HAMMERED! He was passed out on the bar, and then a few minutes later he came to long enough to SPEW all over everything - the bar, the cash register, the glasses - EVERYTHING! His friends hustled him out, and the Disney hasmat crew had to come in and do a hard clean. Very disgusting!!!


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Some guy at Magic Kingdom thought it would be smart to propose in the empty street the cast members cleared for Festival of Fantasy. Him and his partner were crossing Main Street and he dropped on his knee right as the first float was just seconds away and the cast members moved them back to the sidewalk before he could even get the ring out.


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A couple of years ago we were in AK watching the monkeys playing in their large area when one who had his back to us, turned around to show every one that he was "pleasuring " himself! Not somehing you see every day a a family resort!

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A number of years ago we were on a Disney cruise. There was this couple that had the just married ears and hats on. They were a couple once you saw them you would not miss them. They dressed in all Black, a bit hot I thought. We it was funny 6 months later we were in WDW an I saw them again and they had the just married stuff on. Getting some free deserts and getting to the front of some lines with it. Well I thought they were milking it a bit. Then ablut 2 1/2 later I saw them again. I guess they were getting what they could out of it. This time they were on our fleight home and they had the newlywed stuff on and the fleight attendants bought them champagne. I guess the found their way to get some lil perks

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