What is the most over-rated and under-rated restaurants in WDW?


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I've always liked Tutto Italia Wine Bar. I'm also a big fan of the Egg Roll Cart. Although the prices are getting hard to justify.

Anything very good in Disney, or a good value, will generally deteriorate over time. Le Cellier is the perfect example.

Totally true.


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I can’t imagine any place being any more overrated than Ohana.
One night my mom and I were slated to eat at Kona Cafe. At one point in say 2010 to 2012 this was a family favorite. Anyways, the kitchen at Kona was broken that night so we got Ohana's dinner served at a reduce price. Ohana's noodles were amazing, the rest not amazing BUT the bread pudding which you can get served at Kona's is off the charts good.

My wife likes Ohanas for breakfast but I am way over it. For dinner, not even close. Said thing is - I LOVE the Poly and would go out of my way to stop and eat there, but not so much these days. We did eat from the lounge menu in Dec 2020 which was not bad.

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Crystal Palace has to be the most overrated restaurant in Disney World. I wouldn't let my worst enemy eat there. I didn't try it during the pandemic, but it had to be better with the new menu and restrictions.


Via Napoli is definitely over rated now. At one time it was great. Now it's too expensive and pizza is so so. I ordered a caesar salad when we were there in October and it cost $21 for a serving no bigger than a small salad plate. Not a normal stop for us now.


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This post interests me as I’m in the process of planning a trip to WDW for the first time since 1993 and ‘Ohana looks so good from the vlogs I’ve watched about it. Why do you feel it is overrated? Is the food bad or just overhyped? I generally like Polynesian type food and ‘Ohana looks to have a cool atmosphere. Not sure I’ll make it there this trip but it is on my list is possibilities.
I just ate at Ohana for the first time last Friday. It was good, nothing was bad, but nothing was especially unique. I was dining alone and I couldn’t believe how much food they brought me. I’m hoping it’s all pre-plated in the back and my server didn’t actually think I could eat that much 🤣 The best part was the dessert but I was so full I barely ate any of it. So definitely save room for dessert!


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I've never understood this. Coral Reef is and has always been one of my favorites, a great 1st dinner on any WDW trip.

Now it's time for Hockey89 to mock me . . .
I was pretty disappointed with Coral Reef. I think it was a combination of everything, atmosphere, pacing, service, lackluster food, etc.

It was not horrendous, just disappointing.

Granted I have only eaten there once, and it was not so bad that I will never go back. My wife thought it was good. Maybe I was just having an off night. I'll book it again some time.


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Good to know! We do have some wood and coal fired pizza places around here, but we tend to stick to our local Italian restaurants and pizzerias. If I'm going to have pizza in Disney, that is probably what I would give a chance above anything else. Many other options just look like Disneyfied Pizza Hut pizzas haha.

Nah, not PizzaHut, it's Ellio's (And likely only East coast people likely know what Ellio's is)


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Overrated: any buffet (quantity is not quality), BoG is one of few places where not even the time spent there was worth the investment.
Underrated: They definitely have fans, but based on ease of getting ADRs, I would say Jiko and Citricos. Katsura grill doesn't get much buzz, but is a worthy counter service spot.


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Be Our Guest - I avoid BoG like the plague. It's expensive and considerably louder than other restaurants on property. You can't hear yourself think and I feel like I've seen more children get overwhelmed and have a meltdown in that restaurant than anywhere else on property. The high ceilings and open design of the main ballroom are probably what make it so bad. If you get seated in a side room it's better, but that still doesn't guarantee the service or food is going to be good. For $62 the prefix menu is fine, but it's nothing stellar and there are better places to spend your money.

Sanaa - I feel like I don't need to explain this one lol. Sanaa is a bit out of the way so that's probably why most people haven't dined here, but it's so worth it! The bread service is to die for and you can almost always get a last minute reservation. It's a hidden gem.
Sanaa is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been too. Period.


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As far the quality of food or service, I totally get it. And the prices are high etc. That said for those who don't go to Disney often (for example we plan to take our kids once this fall, and possibly one more time in a few years and that is that).....Eating in the Parks is a much needed rest to sit in the AC and get some table service. Plus we go for the theming. Yeah we'll eat one or two meals at DS or Uni City walk on our off days.....but I'm not wasting precious park time to leave and come back, etc.
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Overrated: Le Cellier, geez, I can't believe I gave them three chances.

Underrated: Il Mulino, it's probably become one of my favorites, and, you can always get in on the spur of the moment.
Canada has never been know for their local cuisine , I can't think of 10 locations in the USA. I still miss Beaver Tails ( a current dessert chain in Canada ) . 25 years ago in front of Epcot Canada was a kiosk frying up deep fried sugary goodness.


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In the Parks
Canada has never been know for their local cuisine , I can't think of 10 locations in the USA. I still miss Beaver Tails ( a current dessert chain in Canada ) . 25 years ago in front of Epcot Canada was a kiosk frying up deep fried sugary goodness.

Ahem, even Timmies ??


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Overrated?: Any restaurant on property where your entree costs $40 or more.
Underrated?: Yak & Yeti Restaurant and Jungle Navigation Co Skippers Canteen. Both are probably the best meals you can get in the parks and they actually charge you what food is worth rather than the Disney tax that charges you $50 for a Denny's steak.


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STK. Coming from someone whose grandfather was a butcher, there are not likely to be a plate that feels worth 100 bucks. No show with it, no package special reserved seating or any real incentive than to say you ate at the place that says Steak as STK.

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