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Trip Report What is that?! WDW with our toddler - May 2021

Hi friends! I know I said I wasn't going back until the pandemic changes were OVERRRRR but the pull of Disney magic was too great for our family to resist, and we wanted to get a trip in while the kid was still free. We got extremely lucky that our trip fell after the mask requirements were lifted outdoors! That was a HUGE win for us.

I'm still editing my photos, but wanted to go ahead and get this going.

Who: Me, my husband (R) and our daughter (LP). For this trip we'll pretend she's not quite 2, since I didn't put a mask on her 🤫
When: May 22-26, 3 park days
Where: Art of Animation, Lion King suite


She's so darn cute, even when she doesn't smile!

The title is from LP's new thing, which is asking "what is that" CONSTANTLY. Half the time I have no idea what she's asking about, but there was plenty to tell her about at WDW!

Alright back to editing pictures, can't wait to share all about our trip!

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