What have the crowds been like lately?


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I follow a few bloggers and some seem to make it sound like it's still emptyish, including some family members that went recently, but other things I've read indicate otherwise. I'm wondering when they may bring back FP+ . I read about an approved covid med so I'm thinking that may give people a little more confidence to go places. I guess I'm wondering what the waits are like on a busy day too...how does it work etc. I haven't tried keeping up with it because I honestly didn't think I would need to know but we scooped up a quick trip with the promo they released so now I am curious. We've never been the family to wait in long lines. We would do what we could for fast passes and then rode whatever we could with under an hour wait. We are localish so we don't feel like we have to squeeze everything in. I'm just curious what we can expect from people that have btdt recently.

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