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What happens if you miss the First Pass of the day?


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Hi - If was to miss the window for the first Fast Pass of the day, will the other two scheduled be affected? We're arriving MCO at 11 am, and my first pass will be scheduled at 4, BUT if we were to miss it, I want to understand if my entire Fast Pass schedule changes.


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The other two will still be available.

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Its not like a flight where if you miss the first leg you miss it all.
You'll just miss the first FP+. The other 2 will remain.
If it looks like you'll end up missing the first one I'd try to modify it for a later time.


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If you miss one (or realize early that you will miss one). Cancel it out and start moving everything up and book another.

You have an un-published window of time for every Fastpass. You can enter the line 5 minutes prior to your actual posted time window and up to 15 minutes after the posted time on the window.
For a 10:00am - 11:00am Fastpass window, you can join the que at 9:55 - 11:15.
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