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What does Late Fall mean to you?

I am in the process of planning our 2019 trip to WDW. Of late we have been making the trip down during "Jersey Week", the first full week in November, as it makes a perfect time to take the kids out of school and head down. Also, Mickey's Christmas Party is just starting during this week, and we absolutely love the park decorated for the Holiday and the Christmas Party. There is something so cool with seeing the filming taking place for the holiday TV specials, and then after your vacation being able to re-live a bit of the trip again. Having your little ones pointing at the TV and screaming "we were there for that" is just so awesome.

Rambling aside, I would love to be able to see the opening of Galaxy's Edge, and have been planning the 2019 for such. With the somewhat vague "Late Fall 2019" opening date release, I am left to wonder....what does Late Fall mean? Technically Winter doesn't start until December 22. So anything before Christmas could be late fall. I am doubtful the first week of November would be late fall, but maybe Thanksgiving? Obviously this is just an IMO type question, but I wanted to get a feel from others what they think a Late Fall Opening means.


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As some have mentioned in other places, I wouldn’t be surprised if the late fall opening dates were hard ticket events in December with the real grand opening in January or so
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Late fall is just a target that they hope to make. Its Florida , so weather will always be a factor in construction. too many rain days, a tropical storm or two and the schedule is thrown off.
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Thanks everyone for your comments. GE is something we all really would like to see (maybe me more than others, lol) so it was something that if pushing the trip a week, or maybe switching to Thanksgiving, which was week we were considering anyway, would get us there, we were going to consider it. Overall I think the end vote is going to be to hold the first week in November date, and just plan to head back in 20, or maybe wait for 21, since we are already going back for the 50th anniversary.
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The crowds for GE will be unreal. Go at your usual time, enjoy the pre-nutzoid crowd levels and return another time to see GE once all the bugs are worked out and the place isn't crawling with vloggers trying to get their .1% of the action.


If I was inclined as a lifelong Star Wars nut to get there quickly - which i’m Not - I would be looking to go to Anaheim in the off-season in early 2020...

But ticket pricing isn’t gonna be “friendly” as we get there/get closer...but no matter what I want no part of “squeezing it in” on the front end. Recipe for disaster.
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