What do you drive?

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There is the old saying you can judge a person by the car they drive. I personally judge no one but I love cars none the less.

Here is my car, a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 2.



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2001 Oldsmobile Aurora. Love it so much. Dreading the day when something major happens and I have to give it up. Also my first car.


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last time we were lucky enough to be in florida we had a chrysler aspen and the year before a dodge durango

loved them sigh..................

Sans Souci

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A 2004 Volkswagen Beetle. It was a graduation present from my husband and I love it to bits. I will miss it when it gives up the ghost, as I don't care for the New Beetles.


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My daily driver is a Chevy Avalanche Z71 while my wife's is a Tahoe. Our toy cars are a Cadillac Allante for me and a Smart cabrio for her.
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