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What do you do with your stuff at the waterparks?


the Great
My husband and I couldn't figure out what to do with our stuff at Typhoon Lagoon last fall. He ended up carrying our tickets and money in a ziplock bag in his pocket but they got soaked anyway. And we left our backpack with our towels and clothes on a chair unsupervised. We were so paranoid about our tickets getting ruined and our backpack being stolen that we couldn't fully enjoy ourselves.

Yes I know there are lockers, but I just think they are a hassle.

What do you all do with your stuff when you're at the waterparks? How do you keep your tickets and money dry?


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yes the lockers are great for your dry clothes and such i agree on that but they are a hassle, when we wre on a cruise a couple of years ago we had gotten a plastic waterproof container that has a rope that you wear around your neck , i cant think of what they are called but it is water proof and your money and tickets fit right inside, i'm willing to bet that either typhoon lagoon or blizzard beach carries them, ask around..
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I've never encountered a hassle at all with the lockers. Isn't it worth 5-10 minutes of "hassle" to be able to enjoy yourself the whole day and not worry about your things? Just my opinion.
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That have the plastic watertight (sortof) containers that you can hang around your neck. they come in different colors and two sizes. One that holds tickets a key and some folded cash or credit card, and the other size will hold a pack of cigarettes and light or whatever. I use the smaller one and take my ticket a credit card and alittle cash and my car door key & leave the rest in the car, that I don't want to worry about in the park. I'll just find a chair and leave my towel and shoes and shirt and shorts if iwant to change later, and don't worry about it. If some one needs my old shoes and clothes more then I do, they can have them. That my simple version and when I go with the family, we do about the same thing but drag a cooler in. For the most part it is Disney.
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Well, I think by carrying money and keys around and leaving your bag unsupervised is more of a hassle. Just keep your things in a locker. Better safe than sorry.
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