What do new lands need?


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So the obvious trend on new lands like Avatarland and Star Wars Galaxies Edge is 1 E ticket, 1 C ticket, a counter service restaurant, and a (sometimes 2 or 3) snack kiosk/cart/window. Shops don’t count as there will always be plenty of them. What does everyone think a new land needs from a ride and food perspective to fully flesh out a land in the classical sense?


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In a perfect world each land would have the following -

E-Ticket “Thrill” ride (Disney level thrill)
D- Ticket Family Ride
C- Ticket Show - 3D movie, AA or a Special Effects show
B - Ticket Spinner / Flat Ride
A - Ticket Walk through

As well as -
Live atmosphere entertainment
Meet n greets in themed setting

For example Adventureland in Florida has -
Pirates (we will count as E)
Jungle cruise (d)
Tiki room (c)
Carpets (b)
Treehouse (a)


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While a number of execs frowned upon the idea of Black Panther , Iger rolled the dice and green lighted the project and the movie was made. The rest is history. Make a Black Panther land.


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More things to do would definitely top my list. I think opening entire lands with only 2-3 rides doesn't make sense, but once there's a solid 5+ rides, they don't all have to be "big" things. Somewhere in Harambe there are drums that kids can play - the kids in my family always get such a kick out of those. My son would spend all day at the trains in Epcot if I let him. He loves just sitting on the big fountain in Germany and walking along the edge of it. And bonus if the clock starts up while we're there! Things like that. I love the "little surprises around every corner" approach.

I would be a fan of having more interactive displays or interactive mini museums / "experiences".

Benches or chairs in the shade, but that's such a pipe dream I probably shouldn't bother typing it.

Greenery. Love the green spaces in Epcot and AK. HS could use more. MK doesn't have as much but is the one park that doesn't need it, IMO.

Things to climb on. But that is super specific to my child, lol. Seriously though, my complaint with Toy Story land is that while visually cool, the fun themed elements are all basically "Don't touch that! I said get off that!" kinda stuff. Not saying you can climb tons of stuff in World Showcase but there are fountains, bridges, etc.

Things that are unique to that land only. Food, drinks, merch, etc. They usually do a good job with this already.

And of course a visually stunning environment, that probably goes without saying.


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From a design perspective, indoor areas that can be explored. The parks have more than enough outdoor areas to roam about... it's time to start providing relief from the brutal Florida weather.

From a content perspective, high-capacity experiences like a continuous theater or dark rides that don't require 30+ minute waits. I'm all for big flashy E-tickets... but we need Muppet*Vision/Living with the Land style experiences as well.


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First and foremost new attractions that aren’t just redressed copies of what is found in other parks. Bring us unique things that will draw us in and wow us. How about attractions for all ages, some thrills, some dark adventures, some for young families. Some well choreographed shows with CM talent. Wandering CMs that entertain guests as they pass by. Give us a land which fills the time spent there. Decent restaurants and quick service spots with well balanced menus giving us a broad range of tasty choices. Kiosks that sell tasty snack items that compliment dining. Shops that sell items not found everyplace else. I could ask for lots more but this is a start.

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They need more than 2 rides! Every land needs something for kids, too, such as a spinner.
I almost specifically said, "no spinners," when I first responded. I think you could make an argument that every park might need a spinner, although I do not necessarily agree. Adding a spinner to every land, however, can over be quite detrimental. When they added the magic carpet spinner to adventure land, they ruined that area. The spinner they chose for Toy Story land was also a really bad option, but at least there is a second new attraction in that land. I cannot imagine them trying to add a spinner into Epcot, although I would not put it past them. No more spinners, please.

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If you're going to make a new land, there's a couple things you should have. Obviously you need a headliner to anchor the land. After that, you need a combination of at least 3 other attractions. You also need at least one quick service restaurant. And the rest comes down to details. Places to explore and find that make cool photo opportunities.

As an example, galaxys edge would have been a great start if they had gone ahead with the Bantha ride, and something like the Jack Sparrow experience but with a Yoda force ghost. It also needed a full service restaurant. Once they have all that I'd say while it still isn't done, it's an acceptable land.


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Here’s something that hasn’t been said (I think) but I think is important… visibly moving elements. Pandora does this well enough with all of the water features, but holy cow does GE need a moving piece to it. There should have been some ride like the People Mover (since I feel like that could blend in fairly easily) that visibly moved throughout the land. And maybe a nice waterfall or two. Without anything that really moves, the land always feels lifeless to me. Which is the only thing that really takes me out of the setting there. In the Star Wars universe, I feel like things are moving EVERYWHERE, but in GE there’s essentially no movement whatsoever.

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