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What Do "Average Guests" Think About Each Park?


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Average guest: "I don't mind visiting Walt Disney World once, but why on earth do all these people keep coming back over and over??? It's expensive, crowded, old, and hotter than blazes!"


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Honestly, I think the average guest is blown away by Walt Disney World. Mostly likely, they have been to amusement parks in the past, so this is their reference for establishing their expectations when coming to Disney. Yet, when they get there, they find that Walt Disney World is so much more than just an amusement park. For every disgruntled "old timer" who says that he/she is never going again, there are scores of people who can't wait to return.


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I think you have a very firm grasp of the 'average/super casual' guest at WDW.

Those types:
1)mix up the names Disneyland, Magic Kingdom and Disney World. They commonly interchange all 3.

2)even after visiting both parks they would not appreciate or see the difference between Disneyland and MK.....exact same thing to them.

3) are likely to miss a superheadlining attraction out of sheer ignorance.

"We were going to go on it (FOP) but my husband's workmate told him it was just another 3D movie with long waits so we decided to do those spinning prime whirling things which we already had back home in Pennsylvania"
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MK... Will immediately excite and impress them more than any other park because everyone get wowed by the castle, sound of the train, sounds and sights of the park, experiencing the major attractions. Once they are past that, I think the average guest will be more affected by the crowding situation thats been going on for a while. Their expectations of walking on rides, having a spot for parades, getting into restaurants will then affect the way they look at their vacation and desire to return.
Ep... A minority will enjoy the park. Impressed by the sight of SSE, but after that its a let down. Most wont appreciate the pavilions. Drinking, snacks, Soarin, Frozen and TT, after that....
AK... Too much walking in the heat and humidity. Confusing to get places. Along with the wait for FoP, will make them rethink going back.
DHS.. ToT & SW... thats it? Oh, the muppets.


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From my experience working there- the vast majority of first timers are blown away and thoroughly impressed with and enjoy the parks. it's something they've thought about for a long time, budgeted for, planned for, researched because they were excited and had a blast with.

Magic Kingdom of course being the most "magical" as it's the "most Disney" of the parks for them. When they think Disney, that's the park they think of and the one they'll likely enjoy the most. but also really enjoying the other parks.

Right now I think they'll wonder what's going on at Epcot, especially with so much closed in Future World and no real focus there, but still enjoy it. Love seeing all the world pavilions, wish for more rides in the pavilions, and think that it's so huge and lots of walking.

Animal Kingdom just cool in so many ways. With Pandora it's finally hit a balance that it needed, though they may wonder why it doesn't have a parade. But they love the mix of rides, shows, animals, and Disney.

Studios- an obvious work in progress. While many of us miss the old studios, for a lot of the new comers steering it towards Pixar and Star Wars is a huge hit. I have a feeling for many that when SWGE opens that this park may rival MK for many first timers favorite park.

Now with all of that, there's the 10-25% of first timers that don't have a clue where they are, what they're doing, what's happening, or where the rides are. For the cast, they'll always be a source of both frustration and amusement that will likely never go away.

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Most first timers fall into 3 categories. They go, fall in love with it, and end up going a lot. They go, like it but probably won't be back anytime soon because it's just too much planning, too expensive and crowded... Or they come back saying why does everyone even go there, I don't get it. Now granted in my little circle of life, it seems more people are coming back as the later 2. I love talking to first time people when they return from a trip, and the Middle point comes up the most for me now. This is just what I've noticed from neighbors, coworkers, friends...
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