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Trip Report What Day was That Again?!: The Mostly Authorized Anthology of Doberge Trip Reports 2016-2022

Thank you to @Back!Elbow!Shoulders! and @Darstarr for the encouragement to write. Without double dog dares we'd still be recording our knowledge on cave walls, or at least that's a message I have taken away from Spaceship Earth. So here I am to record my knowledge on ... servers? Shouldn't take long, right?!

Admittedly in my long 3.5 years here at WDWMagic I've never put much attention on the Trip Report board but I've come around to reasoning that it'd be great to write about experiences to look back upon in the future. Every trip is special but now my memories have begun to run together and I struggle to remember which trip my daughter ran merrily through Adventureland with a bubblewand.

We had a recent trip in February 2023 but before getting to that in its own trip report I'm going to use this thread for mini trip reports of past trips before eventually getting into Princess Marathon Weekend 2023.

We're a family of 4. My wife, M, and I have been together since high school and married for 12 years. Our daughter, Slice O, is now 7.5 and son, Slice H, is now 4.5. H is Autistic and it's not something we learned until he was a out 3.5. One thing I'll try to document, if possible, is each kid's journey advancing through rides. O had a very traditional attraction progression and has now done every ride at WDW except Dinosaurs. She's also never done Hall of Presidents, but, please, hold your tomatoes. H is different and you'll see how certain attractions he LOVED as a toddler he later developed a fear of as a preschooler.

Before I begin I'd first like to thank the Phoenicians for creating an alphabet. And thank you also to Alphabet for creating Google Maps time lines that track me daily, Gmail for all of the Disney email receipts I never delete, Photos for not just picture storage but stored metadata timestamps, and Drive for keeping everything stored. Without all of that I'd have no chance trying to piece all of this together.

Now, let's geaux.

In Progress Links:
May 2016
[Next: February 2018]
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Good news and bad news! The good news is that I started writing about our first family Orlando vacation in May 2016!

The bad news is that I can't remember what app I was writing in to find my draft. I usually draft it Notes or Gmail because they autosave when inevitably I'm distracted by a kid, but so far no luck finding it.


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