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What celebrities did you see at Disneyland Resort?

I do not get "star struck" at all! I could rub elbows with the queen and truly wouldn't care! I treat them as they want to be treated as regular people! I have meet a few this way. At first they are all ready to put their guards up and then slowly realize I really don't care (respectfully of course)


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The woman who played Cousin Geri, Blair's cousin the stand-up comedian with Cerebral Palsy on The Facts of Life.

She was on the unloading dock at Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm not making that up.

I can beat you on Geri Jewell. A long time ago, I was in Westside with my old girl friend, Sharon, when we went for Dinner and a Movie. So, we get in line for our movie (forgot which one), and Geri was right next to us. Spent about 20 minutes talking, and she was in a good mood and was so entertaining. So the movie was a let down.


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With my press pass, my list would be too long.

But once, I came across Larry King and his son, looking for the bathroom at NOS. Helped him out, pointing the way, and saying have a good day. For good reasons, he didn't have time to talk, he was on a mission. No Plaid with him, but saw him with one later in the day.


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Ive seen many a celebrity at Disneyland, I think my most memorable is when I saw John Faverau and Tony Baxter walking in the plaza at night and talking, most likely talking about ideas for the movie that John was going to direct called "Magic Kingdom" (a Disneyland version of Night at the Museum). Obviously it never got made and "The Jungle Book" became the new project instead.

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