What are the Best DDP snacks?


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Not sure...

Good question! We usually get the ice Cream (Mickey Bar) or popcorn, but I'm sure there are other choices. Dole Whip is def. yummy!:slurp:


That list is amazing!

I'm sure I heard that the chicken fried rice at yak & yeti counter service was also a snack? can anyone confirm this?


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Don't forget delicious cupcakes, pastries, and desserts at places like Starring Rolls, Sunshine Season, Main Street Bakery, Kringla Bakeri, Boulangerie Patisserie, and Karamell Kuche. If you have a sweet tooth, the treats they have at these places can't be missed.

Also, if you go during the Food and Wine Festival, use them to sample food at all the different booths. We usually do this for lunch one day. It's a great way to taste a lot of delicious food, and a fun way to enjoy the F & W Festival. If you pay out of pocket, it can get really expensive.


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MMM those pretzels sound delicous.
DS and I always get a Mickey bar.
DH loves the popcorn, though I think it is a waste of a credit, but it is his credit.
I loved the smoothie over at RRNC.
Also going to get a cupcake at Starring rolls this year, I hear a lot about them.

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