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What’s your favorite hidden Mickey?


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Wanted to see if anyone has some really good ones. My favorite is the Mickey made up by the plaza in front of the Chinese Theater, Echo Lake and the Animation Courtyard at Hollywood Studios. What do you guys got?

"El Magnifico"

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there used to be a hard one to find while standing in line for peter pans flight. took us a few years to find it. i think it was removed after the interactive queue was built. 1 of my all time favorites is the 3 plates on the table in the haunted mansion


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Once a year on MM's birthday his "mickey" appears in the Little Mermaid queue if the sun is bright enough. One of the old school Imagineering touches installed this century.

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I second this one. Plus it’s only fully “formed” at noon on November 18. Now that is how you do a hidden Mickey!

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