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Whale hunting in the Faroe Islands (may be distressing for some readers)


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This was in the news last week. I'm sharing it only because I was on a DCL sailing in 2015 and the Faroe Islands were on the itinerary when we booked. However, the stop was removed from the itinerary and was replaced with Kirkwall, Scotland. And I'm sure that it was replaced for EXACTLY this reason. I was excited to visit the Faroe Islands because that was probably my one chance ever to see them. But in hindsight, I'm glad we didn't go.

Before you click the link, please be aware that the story contains a couple of pictures that may be upsetting.

If a moderator thinks this is inappropriate for the forum and removes this thread, I will 100% understand. But it is cruise news and DCL did at one time have it as a port of call, so I thought people might be interested.


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If DCL stopped cruising to the Faroe Islands solely for this reason, then why does it still cruise to Canada, the US (Alaska), Iceland and Norway?


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Heck they even visited here the once . So they really aren't fussy 😉
Is there a wry smile emoji?

Seriously, maybe the other countries don’t carry out whaling in the areas that cruise ships go. It could be that simple, that the Faroes only have the one port and being so small there’s no way to separate the cruise ships from the hunting areas.


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People need to do their research about the culture of the places that they are visiting. The whales have been a food staple for hundreds of years. They use everything that they take and don't do this for sport. It is disturbing to see in person but they don't schedule it. They take the opportunity when the whales come into their bay. Sonny did a show about it if anyone is interested in the local's perspective.

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