Week after Thanksgiving ADRs!


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Traveling to the world from November 27 to December 4 and we just finalized our ADRs for our trip:

11/27 Open
11/28 LeCellier
11/29 Open
11/30 Rose & Crown
12/01 Artist Point
12/02 O'hana Breakfast
12/03 Raglan Road
12/04 Teppan Edo

We are using the free dining plan. Our open days are due to the night at Artist Point. We have never dined there or at Raglan Road and Teppan Edo. Any recommendations would be great!
We loved LeCellier, Rose and Crown, and O'hana's breakfast! We'll be doing O'hana's breakfast again on 11/27 and we'll be trying Teppan Edo for the first time on 12/1. Have a great trip!

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