Week after Thanksgiving 2019 - Magic Kingdom closes early, Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday.


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For those who are planning to come to Disney World the week after Thanksgiving (2019) just be aware that Magic Kingdom will be closing early Sunday (Dec. 1), Monday (Dec.2) , Tuesday(Dec. 3), Thursday(Dec. 5) and Friday (Dec. 6).

Some of this is to allow for the Special Ticket event for Mickey's Christmas. Park closes early- 6:00 but guests for the evening event come in earlier.

Monday is another event....and part closes extra early - 4:30.

If you aren't attending the special events....just avoid disappointement with your little ones (OK....big ones two).


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And if you choose to go on Wednesday or Saturday (the only later open times with fireworks) be sure to pack your patience. Crowds will be very high.
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