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Website probs on my phone.


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It's been more than a year since the Dvcmember site has worked on my phone. I log in, and it shuffles between the balloon "Almost there" screen and password screen, with about 2 seconds in between. Anyone else suffering similarly? And anyone know a cure?


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I have that problem using Chrome on my computer. I switched to using Safari a while back. Have you tried using a different browser?

Edited to add: I just realized it might be my ad blocker, so I turned off my ad blocking for the dvc website on Chrome and the site works under Chrome again on my computer. I normally use Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin as my ad blockers.


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I had to put an exception for Ublock and theDVC site as well to be able to login on Chrome. Other than that no PC or phone app issues, except battery drain for being on the app all day in a park. :(


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My safari on my iMac constantly wants to switch me to the Japanese (.jp) Disney site. Started after I had looked at it, bizarre. I have to use Chrome now.
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