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Weather NYE week?


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We’ve been to Disney many times but only twice during winter months. Christmas 2006 we wore short sleeves and shorts. In 2011, we went in late February into early March and we brought light clothing and nearly froze.

What can we expect for Dec. 30-Jan. 6? Travelling with 3 kids.

Thanks in advance!

Master Yoda

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The temperature in central Florida in December and January can vary by as much as 50 degrees. You might have highs in the low 80's on Monday followed by lows in the 40's on Tuesday.

Check the forecast for Bay Lake Florida on December 29th and plan according to it. Anything more than that is a guess.


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Like @Master Yoda said, it truly varies. We used to go in January until 2010 when it was 34° for many days of our trip and 70° by the end of our week long trip. We said “ok...this is not for us!”

My encouragement would be to of course watch the weather closely in the days leading up to see what the projections are, and to understand that it may change still. I would pack clothing you could comfortably layer including at least one fleecy type sweatshirt.

Good luck and hoping for the higher end of normals that time of year for you!


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Now that NYE is nearly upon us.. the weather is going to be awesome. Cool, but awesome. Bring sweatshirts for the evening.
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