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Wearing a Cast at Waterparks


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Thrawn said:
Yes, but you aren't a doctor, and even if you are, you haven't seen the broken wrist. How can you possibly know the situation? It might be a hairline fracture, and be nearly healed by the time of the trip.
You know, it's not obligatory to try and start an argument in every single thread :rolleyes:


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ogryn said:
Ski Resort. :rolleyes:

Ehh ... so everyone that goes skiing gets broken bones? Quite a stretch, I guess thats why they didn't do it.


Wake me up when its over
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Hey Thrawn....on a side note....how's that new avatar working for you? Any change in how people respond to you?


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barnum42 said:
You know, it's not obligatory to try and start an argument in every single thread :rolleyes:

No, it isn't. Why did you do so? The OP was looking for information on whether or not they would allow him into the park, and onto the slides. You were the one to comment about how it was a bad idea, and so on. You started the argument, not me. I answered the OP's questions, and did so quickly and consisely. You tried to bring the discussion onto a completely different tangent. And now you are trying to blame me for the argument, simply because I am defending the OP for making his own decisions. I fail to see how this is my fault. Maybe every rude, sarcastic, nasty, dumb, crazy, or stupid post or argument is somehow my fault, because I don't like to sugarcoat things. Well, in this case, it can't be. Here's my original post:
The Great And Powerful Oz said:
Since its only his wrist I think he will be allowed on the slides. He'll be told to keep his arm on top of his body though, and probably not any of the tube slides.

After that, you had to chime in with the "I'd check with doctors" etc etc. Well, thats not exactly on topic, sir.

hakuna, that was hilarious.


Thrawn, I am seeing you appear constantly in argumentative threads. I dont think it's a coincidence. This is my final request for you step back and reconsider your posting style.


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If its a swimmers cast I don't see any problem. the thing Iwould do if you have the ability is to get the statement saying thats its ok to wear the cast on the slides and have it faxed to you and to have the cm and his supervisor who sent it to sign off on it. Then I wouldn't see you having any problems or at least fewer of them.

Good luck I'm glad you have a swimmers cast I knwo my brother went to disney a few years ago with a regular cast and it wasn't very much fun for him especially the days we went to the water parks.

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