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We didn't partake in rotational dining on day 2. Our assigned restaurant was Enchanted Garden. This is our least favorite and there's really nothing on the menu that is a stand out dish. I called DCL ahead of time to find out the dining rotations and requested one that had Enchanted Garden as day 2.

So what's a person going to eat instead. One word: Palo. Remy is no longer on our radar. It was a one and done.

Our last two Palo meals have been on the Magic with the previous menu. It's now a prix fixe menu ($45/person) or you can order a la cart.

On the Magic (October 2019 and January 2020), we had a wonderful server, David from Hungary. We liked him so much in October, we asked if he was going to be on in January. I think he said he had just signed another contract to be on during that time. We also had a Magic cruise scheduled for April 2020. We were sure to see him again. Well, we all know what happened. Fast forward to about 2 weeks before this cruise.

I had read on a certain FB page that there were a lot of crew on the Dream hoping to go to the Wish. We remembered that David mentioned he wanted to be on the Wish. I decided to ask the FB page if he was on the Dream and surprisingly someone responded!

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 10.06.03 AM.png

I mentioned above in one of the previous posts that once we were on the ship, I walked around and Sean lounged. Apparently we contacted dining services at the exact same time. I pretty much had the same conversation with guest services.


BTW, this is what it looks like when when you contact guest services. So much better than standing in line!


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I don't have a picture of the menu. All menus are little QR codes on each table. If you search online for the new menu, you can see everything new offered.

We had a great location.

We ordered the Heirloom Tomato Buffalo Mozzarella Caprese. Meat isn't included. That's from the Antipasto. This is seriously some of the best mozzarella I've ever had.


Soft Potato Gnocchi - I've had this in the past a really liked it.

Paccheri with Lamb Ragu. Sean said it reminded him of a homemade meal. It was that good.

Finally...the chocolate souffle. This is still one of the best desserts I've ever eaten.

We chatted with David for a bit. He told us that he had been requested as a server and wondered how anyone knew he was even on the ship.

It was time to educate him on the internet and Disney cruise fans.
Getting Ready Episode 2 GIF by The Office

With dinner finished, we told him we hoped to see him on the Wish in September. If you're on the Dream in the next couple of month, ask for David. He is an excellent server.


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Next up was an event in Evolution. I have no idea what it was. One of my post-cruise issues is that I didn't take any pictures of the navigator in the app. To be fair, that would have been 5 million pictures. After Evolution, we headed back to our stateroom. It was probably around 11:30.

Here's what all the little QR codes for menus look like:

It's about a 2x2 square.

This was the towel art waiting for us upon our return, plus our our tips printout and little envelopes. Seeing that there are no paper navigators, no paper advertisements, and no room service menu in the room, I'm surprised they gave us these items.

Our next day is Castaway Cay.


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We wake up around 7:00 am to pouring rain. We were hoping it wasn't a repeat of the day before. We ate breakfast and joined the queue. We were group 1!
Screenshot_20210905-073513_Disney Cruise Line Navigator.jpg

The weather had considerably improved by the time we were off the ship. We decided to ride all the trams to Serenity. We were socially distanced for the most part, except when it came time to leave. They were opening up the spaces that had been originally closed off.

The weather was great and just a few clouds and thunder here and there. We stayed out pretty much the entire day. We ate lunch again at Serenity Bay. They did offer different foods on the second day, which was a nice change. DCL is in the spicy chicken sandwich game and served a spicy chicken sandwich. Sean said it tasted just like Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich. Not the newer one, but the older one that was introduced in the 90s. There was also kielbasa on the menu.


We did learn that you cannot bring any of the small chairs down to the beach. If you did, you were kindly asked to take them back. They said they didn't have enough staff to put the chairs back. People just leave them and we would sometimes see them floating out into the water.


This is a Castaway Sunset. I'd already had a Konk Kooler.

Around 3:30ish, we started to make our way back to the ship. We had a mojito and caipirinha seminar at 6.





No matter how many times we've been to Castaway Cay, walking back to the ship and seeing her in all her glory is still amazing.
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At some point, either before or after the beverage seminar, we headed to the shops. They've redone the one on the right side, right after guest services. It's a little bit of clothing and high-end purses, and a touch of things you may need (like medicine). Looks like the jewelry area has been expanded. This is the smaller of the jewelry stores on board. There's also a larger one where the DVC area and art gallery used to be. We never saw anyone in there. It's the former Tiffany's on the Fantasy.

The other stores had a large collection of items, but what I'm usually after is a dated pin and an ornament. I found both. There were zero Halloween items. I was lucky enough to find a 2020 Halloween on the High Seas (which never happened last year) pin at Boardwalk Resort on a previous visit. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I really love the new animation.
20210905_154616 (2021-09-09T11_14_25.866).png

I thought the Christmas pin was pretty unique.
20210905_154634 (2021-09-09T11_15_17.406).png

Up next is our mojito and caipirinha seminar. Will we be able to walk upright afterwards? 🤔


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If you've one of previous trip reports on the Magic, you'll know we are a fan of the mojito and caipirinha. Our seminar was to take place in Skyline. It's kind of off the beaten path. I mean, all of the other adult spaces are clustered in one spot and then there's Skyline off to the side. With that said, it's a nice venue. It vibrates like crazy, which is odd because the other venues really don't and they in the same location on the back of the ship.

Two rows were set up for guests. The front row was socially distanced, the 2nd row, not so much. Ashley was our bartender. I'm pretty sure we've had him for a seminar in the past. He was super knowledgeable and put together some great drinks. I don't believe anything we had were the simple versions of the drinks.

First drink - Coconut Martini - This was drink he created. It was so good. You have to like coconut, because it's strong with the coconut flavor.

Second Drink - Raspberry Mojito - Light and refreshing. At first, we thought the raspberries were tomatoes. 🤣 I didn't muddle mine as well as I should have, but still tasty. I'm starting to feel the alcohol.

Third Drink - Pelican Mule - This was delicious. Sean had one on Castaway Cay, but it tasted nothing like this one. It was made with fresh pineapple. Still feeling ok at this point.

Drink Four - Berryoshka - We are to the part in the program where I'm just not sure what's in the drinks. Berries, yes and vodka maybe. I'm struggling to finish, but the Mullins's don't waste alcohol.

Drink Five - caipirinha with guava - This was probably my favorite.

Ashley even gave away two mojitos.

So, as I look back at this, it was only sort of a mojito and caipirinha seminar. I ain't even mad. It was a lot of fun.

Come in close so I can whisper in your ear. I don't want Disney to hear.

$23/person is an outstanding value for this seminar.

We would do this again in a heartbeat. Amazingly, I felt ok after this and could stand up and walk out on my own. It helped that we had some snacks beforehand at Cove Cafe.

Up next...our last night. Boo. 🙁
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After the seminar, I think we found ourselves back in Evolution. I believe it was family karaoke. This event seems to be very popular because the host said there was a waiting list through the 11:30 pm show. It was so much fun and I can't believe we've never been to this before.

I had this:

It's called a Morocco Orange Tip made with crown royal and Drambuie. It was fine. Nothing special.

Our final dinner was in Royal Palace.

I've never noticed the detail in the marble. I wonder if the "please wait here" is a special type of marble.

We had a great table! It was right in the center of the restaurant.


We also had a piano for some fancy tunes. Sean warmed it up for the pianist that would soon appear. She played beautifully and took requests.

Dinner was pretty good.

Deep fried brie. I'm always going to eat the deep fried cheese. The other appetizer was french onion soup. The picture was terrible, but it was good. Just your standard soup.

This is the duck confit. Sean ate ALL THE DUCK.

Short interlude. She posed for me and was on her way.

Back to dinner. This is steak, potatoes and beans. It was actually cooked as requested. A little chewy, but still good.

Again with the duck.

On our first night, we mentioned we would like some curry. Our server made it happen. He brought both vegetarian and lamb. They were both delicious. If you want curry, give them a heads up at least a day before.


This was probably our best dinner to date in Royal Palace.

Well, I'm pretty sure we went back to Evolution, but I cannot remember anything after dinner except filling out the comment cards in the room. We decided to do express walk-off and needed to be in the atrium by 7 am. We packed up that evening and basically rolled out the bed the next day.

Up next...debarkation


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It's the final morning of the cruise. We were up and out of the room by 6:45. There were already families waiting to debark.

Debarkation was just as easy as embarkation. We were off the ship and through customs and in the car by 7:30. One thing to mention is that there were absolutely no stateroom hosts in the hallways on debarkation morning and barely any in the hallways during the cruise. I know this is part of their protocols, but we do enjoy interacting with them.

We had a great time, but it definitely wasn't long enough. Our sweet spot is about 5 days. We have a 7-night coming up in October with Celebrity.

I had a moment before the cruise wondering if I was done with Disney cruising. Being back on the ship just reinforced how much I love Disney Cruise Line. Sure, Disney cruising isn't cheap, but there's just something about being on a Disney ship that is just wonderful. Disney is about personal connections and I think this cruise delivered it in spades. That's what makes it special.

For the most part, Disney did a great job with Covid protocols. I didn't feel inconvenienced in the least. It was also great that everyone was there to have a good time. We could forget about the outside world for three days.

I think the only thing I really didn't like was no club host. All the adult activities were hosted by different entertainment staff. That's fine, but a club host just adds something special to the cruise. It looks like #tonyfromspain and Jo have jobs in the real world now and who knows if they'll ever be back to Disney Cruise Line. Who knows if DCL will ever bring back a club host. I hope that's not the case, but with Disney, you never know.

If I'm being honest, the price paid for the product received didn't match up. I get that it was over a holiday, and it was a double dip, but for three nights, reduced activities and no club host, it was $$$$. I don't think I could do it again. It was a combination of perfect timing for our schedules and just wanting to cruise.

That's it for my part. Sean may have more to add.

Up next for us is Celebrity and we're excited to try another cruise line. Our next Disney adventure is April 2022. We'll be hitting up Disneyland and sailing on the Disney Wonder.

Thanks for following along.

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