We hated Walt Disney World and we're never going back.


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The Army of Misery

Tell them the video/dvd from Disney is free. Order it. Watch it. How can anyone see that and not get excited?

Hey, and the websites ain't bad either.

Some people just love to be miserable and to complain about everything. My Mom and sisters are kind of that way. Everything in life presents a brand new opportunity to whine and complain. I devised a clever method of response that subtly conveys my displeasure of their complaining while still maintaining a modicum of decorum: "Oh, shut up!" I say.

A lady at MK also told my Mom once that she should, "Build a bridge and get over it." Fabulous. Don't hang out with habitual whiners; they'll sap your energy while ruining your life. Vacations and life are too short to tolerate such gravity.


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"Well, you shouldn't have had Kids."



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A WDW vacation isn't for everyone. It can be very frenetic, very tiring, and for some people that's not what vacation is about. To them they just want to sit in a relaxing environment, sip on a beer, and do nothing. If they go to WDW expecting that they're going to have a bad time.

There are times of the year when I hate WDW and will not go. For example, the middle of August. Its just far too hot to really enjoy that much outdoor activity. Or New Years, there's just far too many people there. I enjoy Disney when the crowds are light. If I've got to wait in line for over an hour for everything then that's not a lot of fun to me. So had my only experience been one of those trips, I might come back saying I hate the place too.

Luckily it wasn't, and luckily I've learned through these boards the best times to go and how to truly enjoy my trip. So when I hear people say things like this, I ask them why they hated it. I ask them if they'd like some advice on how to have a more enjoyable trip for them. And if they're interested I share. If not, I just say I'm sorry you had a bad experience, it can be a bit overwhelming without a ton of planning and leave it at that.
You are very right about it not being for everyone when it comes to the pace that you have to go when you are there. It fits us perfectly but not everyone can handle going like that from open to close. I would love to take my mom but there is no way she could go like that all day long for 10 days. We always stop at the beach and relax for 5 days or so to rest before we come home. :ROFLOL:

Our 2nd trip was kind of a doozy because we went during Thanksgiving week because school was out and I have learned that I will never ever do that again! We still managed to have some fun but with each trip we learn how to do it better. If it had been our first trip I may have seen it in a different light than I do but ... as much as I love it I highly doubt it! :D
I used to work with a woman who took her family there for a week and she said she would never go back. My husband also used to work with someone who said he would never go back. Both complained that they rushed to see it all. My response to both was that they did it wrong. Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to vacation in disney. If you try to rush through it all to see everything (which is practically impossible) then you are not experiencing the real magic of being in Disney. I go every year during February vacation and yes it is crowded but you work around it. Go to the parks later when it is less crowded, take advantage of extra magic hours, go to the shows and save the crowded rides for nighttime. There are so many ways to get around the crowds, or the heat as some people say but come on people, it is Florida so expect the high temperatures. Everyone has their own way of vacationing but I think if you just slow down, plan less and just enjoy being on vacation then you will have a wonderful time in Disney and want to come back many many times.


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Good I hope they don't go all the more for me. I love WDW
and if people don't go so thats ok.
I don't like other Parks


I would agree that WDW is not for everyone, however, if there were more people out there that took the time to plan and understand how to enjoy WDW as most people here do, there would be no "slow" time of the year. Maybe Disney should start some kind of "Disney Education" program in every major city that people could attend-be good for them, but bad for us.

I haven't met people yet that said they hated Disney after their first trip, but I have certainly seen people having a horrible time at the parks. I'm sure we all have stories about that--(never forget the guy that asked me frantically which monorail to get on to go to AK-it was their last day and he was in MK and had 10 minutes to get to Festival of the Lion King because it was the one show his seven year old wanted to see)I've tried to help a few of them, but obviously that help was very limited due to time.


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Its their loss and you know what not only is it one leass family in line but it is one less family that are going to annoy you with comments


What do you say to people when they say this to you? I've run into
a bunch of folks over the years who say this.
Too bad. They're missing out. If it's someone who believes that they're vacation's gonna be perfect from beginning to end, they also need to realize that they're in a park with 50,000 other guests. If it's because of their kids, then that's not really Disney's fault, is it?:shrug:

The only time I'll understand if someone said this is if they encountered rude CMs one after another, and believe me they're out there, people who clearly don't deserve to be in a hospitality role.:fork:


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Disney Haters

I have been to WDW several times. So many that I have become known as the "expert" at my place of employment. I frequently get questions from co-workers and one actually asked me to help plan her trip. I gave her a billion pointers, all the different message boards, websites, etc., and even let her borrow my book. Also, I told her about magic express and to definitely stay on site. She was also going during the free dining period and I told her about this as well. She would have been able to save a ton of money!~

Guess what.....she did not listen to one word I said. She is staying off site, paying for transportation from the airport, and has no clue what she is doing. She is a "grumpy gert" as a general rule and when she comes back I fully expect her to jump all over me. My response will be..."I guess you should have taken my advice." Amateurs!


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I accept it since everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I have a friend who went a couple of months ago and he was "eh" about the whole thing which was fine. To each his own.


I've had a couple people say that to me. And then they went on to say that there was something wrong with me for liking it.

After a deep breath, I would ask what it was that they didn't enjoy. They hated WAITING. Waiting for a bus. Waiting to get some food. Waiting in line for the bathroom, attractions and getting into the park.

They hated paying for food.

They hated the crowds.

So I would ask if the hated a regular amusement park. Well, that was okay, but you only had to do it for a day.

Another person said that they hated the fakeness. They would rather go to the REAL countries and not EPCOT.

In short, some folks are destined to try and hate Disney. I always try to tell these folks how they could better enjoy a trip, but they just look at me like I'm crazy. Oh well. I would hate a BEACH vacation.


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Yeah, well, hating the fake-ness is a different topic altogether.

I work in graphic and creative design, and a lot of people I work with have a snob attitude about Disney due to the "fakeness", "theming" "lowest common denominator" all that stuff that you've heard before. It's not real architecture and design, blah blah.

My vindication came when one of them took his family there, and actually decided it was pretty cool, after pontificating against it from afar from many years.

I happily welcomed him into the fold! :sohappy:

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I was working the popcorn wagon just inside the Magic Kingdom park one day (long time ago) when someone I knew from my hometown almost ran up to me and said she and her husband had been there for almost two hours, that it was hot and the lines were long, and that she hated it and was leaving never to return. :eek:

There was nothing I could do for her as she was eager to leave and I couldn't leave my post, so I was just :confused:

I found out later her experience was just as many have said: No advance planning, arrived in the middle of the day, middle of summer with long lines and no idea of what the parks even were, much less a game plan for what to do.

Some people can do the parks that way and enjoy themselves, and others are overwhelmed. That's life. :shrug:


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It is also true that for some people, a "manufactured" vacation just isn't for them. Besides being manufactured, Disney is also a "busy" vacation.

I am odd, in that if I am vacationing, I either want the manufactured
Disney vacation, or on the other hand prefer low-budget, backpack sort of camping/backwoods/off the beaten path in some country on the other side of the earth type of vacation.

I don't meet many people who like both, they either like the comfort, or the rugged unpredictability. Between Disney trips, I like to dig for dinosaurs in the badlands in a tent, or go off the beaten path and stay in a small town in Mexico. And I love it all!
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