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Trip Report We’re Soarin’, Flyin’… Into the Unknown

Hello friends!

Many of you know me, but I’ve been pretty absent for awhile. This school year was wild and left me with very little time for… well, anything. 😂 But I’m back and trying to be more present here, because you’re my people and it makes me happy to be in good company! 🤗

Some quick reintroductions since it’s been so long…

I’m Brittany! I’m a PA turned Florida girl and I love every second of my life in the sunshine state! I teach 1st grade and that will almost always be the reason for any unexplained absence from me here. 🤪 This is my husband, Dylan! I drug him along (okay, okay, he came willingly) for my fairytale Florida life, and we’re pretty happy with what we’ve created here. ❤️ He is also a teacher, but he teaches high school history. 🥴 His cup of tea, definitely not mine. 😂 We are Disney and Universal Passholders, so you can almost always find us at a theme park. 😉 Now, on to the exciting stuff!

Where are we soarin’, flyin to?

When are we venturing into the unknown? July 7. Yep…. TOMORROW. 😍😱

We had been planning this trip for summer 2020 through Adventures by Disney so we could do the Studios and Imagineering tours, but you know, Covid. 😒 But now the trip is back on, though not through Adventures by Disney. We’ll eventually live out that dream, but for now, getting to the parks is more than enough! 🤗 This was a spur of the moment “book the trip!” kind of deal, but everything is set and we are EXCITED!

We have 3 park days planned with a rest day in the middle. We’ll spend some time in Downtown Disney and at our hotel pool, but it’ll mostly be a go with the flow kind of day. We’re not staying on property this trip, but our hotel is right across the road from the parks so I can pretend. 😋 Our flight back home is late in the evening, so we’re also planning a visit to Griffith Park for that day. I’m almost as excited for that as the parks! Lol.

So, there it is! I hope that you’ll follow along on our journey to the original happy place… I promise to try and keep the tears to a minimum. 😉
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How fun!
We stayed at the Sheraton across the street in June of 2019. We could see the back of ToT/Mission Breakout from the sidewalk in front, and the fireworks from our balcony. Not hard to pretend you're on property. 😎
Enjoy Griffith Park too! I was not prepared for how huge and hilly it was. We spent most of our time at the observatory and got pictures with the Hollywood sign and a bust of James Dean.
The Walk of Fame & Chinese Theater are just a short drive away...

Have a wonderful time and safe travels!

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