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Pre-Trip We’re going to have the hap-, hap-, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby…you know the rest

That’s right, because we’re going back to Disney World!

Our last trip was in August 2020. AKA in the middle of a pandemic, yet with no crowds since who would go to a tourist destination? Besides us, apparently next to no one. Maybe we are the jolliest group of you know whats that should be in the nuthouse.

Before that, our last trip was December 2018 and L still had a few months to go before being born.


So in a lot of ways, this is L’s first true Disney trip with character hugs, autographs, fireworks and crowds. And since he’s 3, we even got to pay for him! You’re welcome Mr. Chapek.

Anyway, back to this trip
The Who: me, wife K, daughter C and son L. My in-laws are also joining for the first part of the trip.


The When: December 3 - 10 (in-laws are 3-8)

The Where: Art of Animation. We’re in a Lion King suite, and my in laws are in a Little Mermaid room.

I’ll be posting more details tomorrow (unless I Clark Griswold myself when putting the lights on the roof in the morning!)


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A bit of background on this trip - since our trip in December 2018 with my in laws, we were planning a return trip with them once L was born. We were planning on December 2021, mostly for the reason that L would still be free. Given that we had no idea what the parks were going to look like though, we pushed it back a year.

We also had originally planned on renting DVC points at Poly, where we stayed in 2020, but finding rooms were impossible. Then we realized that we don’t have many trips yet for C in particular to enjoy some of the overly Disney things. As it is, she would rather watch Nick now than Disney (or YouTube 🙄).

So, with rooms available at AoA, the choice was fairly easy! The price tag on the suites is still a bit of sticker shock, but having the kids in their own room will be pretty nice!


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Being less than 2 weeks away, getting clothes organized (the pre-pack if you will) has commenced!


For our plans -

12/3 - 7 am flight from Newark
Probably pool day/exploring the resort and napping since we’re heading for airport at 4:30 am
Dinner at Storybook Dining

12/4 MK am, HS pm
Dinner at Sci-Fi
There’s a party this night, so I’m hoping the daytime crowds at MK wont be too bad?
This is also the one day that HS is closing at 8 pm. I almost switched out plans, but I’m guessing kids will still be tired, and I’m hoping enough other people had that idea and the park will be less busy lol

12/5 Epcot
Dinner at Le Cellier
There’s a chance that L and I will be sitting this dinner out. He is not great with table manners, and we don’t want to be those people with the messy, loud kid. And we really don’t want to be stressed during the meal either with discipline. We’re hoping he’ll be like C was at this age, and once we get him dressed nice he’ll get the point, but we’ll see how Storybook goes, and if we have to, we’ll take 2 off the reservation and I’ll get us some burgers or BBQ

12/6 Rest Day
We’re hoping for a Toppolino’s reservation to open up, but if not, might just head over to the Riviera anyway and get some QS

Mini-golf (haven’t picked where yet)

Dinner at Disney Springs. The 4 of us are going to Raglan Road, while my in-laws are going to Wine Bar George and Homecoming

12/7 AK am, MK pm
Breakfast at Tusker House
Not sure about dinner. Our main reason to go back to MK is to see the fireworks (although I’m personally ok just waiting for Happily Ever After to come back…)
Almost considered booking a dessert party, but it was over $500 for the 6 of us, and sorry Chapek, but that’s a bit crazy

12/8 HS am, ? pm
My in laws are leaving in the evening, so we’ll all start at HS, and see then in the evening where we want to head
We also have lunch scheduled at Prime Time, but we’ll see how we feel going into this day if we’d rather spend that time on rides

12/9 Epcot am, AK pm
Lunch at Via Napoli
Somehow this will be our first time at Via Napoli.
Depending on timing we may visit the Epcot resorts too

12/10 MK and flight home
Breakfast at Crystal Palace
We have a 7 pm flight, so we plan on having a mostly full day at MK
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Have a wonderful time!!
Seems like we had some of your tragical start - flight delayed, then cancelled, then they couldn’t find the plane, then finally it happened but still delayed. And we also had a child get sick, likely from just being over tired. All worked out in the end, but it reminded me of your report!
Have fun!
Thank you!
Holy crud you guys are organized!
Have a wonderful time!
That would be my wife, I’ll give her all the credit for organization. I love it since I’ve learned how much easier it makes our lives!
Do you have any trips coming up? I miss your TRs!

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