WDW's Space Mountain is REALLY bad


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I like the effects and music of DL's...queues for both are great but very different. If WDW's Space got a track replacement and updated effects I would probably like it more.


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I found the ride vehicles and audio better in California, but the track layout in Florida is better. I prefer the Florida queue (mostly because I've become so familiar with it over the years, and the Star Tunnel music is one of my favorite pieces of music, period), although the CA queue's nod to John Hench brings it some bonus points.

That being said, DLP's Space Mountain is an overall more thrilling ride. :)


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The Matterhorn is nothing in comparison to SM and SM was never meant to be a carbon copy. Its a rough ride, its meant to be in the dark, the turns are meant to be sharp. The ride cars have always been tight fitting and somewhat uncomfortable. I found the Matterhorn vehicles just as uncomfortable TBH. SM has been a rough ride ever since we first tried it in "95. If its too rough for you then continue to avoid it. Not every ride suits everyones tastes and likes. Some of us find it exhilarating to be jostled around and have unexpected turns and drops in the dark.


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Since this went into Matterhorn Vs Space Mountain, I’ll say that Matterhorn is one of the best coasters that Disney has made.

Aside from that, I have a love hate relationship with WDW Space Mountain. Some days I’m not even allowed to wait in the line due to a “height limit” that isn’t posted anywhere and randomly goes into effect, and it is somewhat painful given how jolty it is, but to me the roughness of these coasters actually adds to the thrill/experience.


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no, it was not this rough 20 years ago, I used to ride it on every visit, but it is way worse now.
Well Ive ridden it multiple times, every visit since 95, that 15 years worth and I believe its the same. Since you havent ridden it for 7- 8 years, what you remember may not be as clear as my memories. Or how your body reacts to the ride may find it more uncomfortable as I do.


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One of the saddest part of the continuing issues with the track is the fact that there was a plan they were inches away from doing in which they would have replaced the track in 2009. If you look at the track today (lit up of course), you can see that they went so far as to spray paint areas of the track supports that they were planning on removing and then replacing. However, a decision was made high up that money needed to be spent other places at MK at that point, so the track was just smoothed, and a onboard system was dropped from the refurb in favor of the offride “starry-o-sound” that has rarely worked as designed.

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