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WDW's diversification strategy in 2020 ?


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There is something I was thinking about and I would like to have your opinion on the topic.
We all know that developing a theme park or resort is all about catering to everyone and everyone's needs in term of experience. This comes a lot through offering a very wide spectrum in attraction types (Dark rides, flat rides, rollercoasters, kiddie ride...)
WDW has always been faithful to this rule by having four very different theme parks and offerings.

However, in 2020, and in a timeline of less than four months (spring - summer 2020), WDW will open two D/E tickets that will be very similar : Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway in DHS and Remy's Ratatouille Adventure in EPCOT. Both are trackless, both rely heavily on screens, both are IP based, both are based on a very similar animals (but not very important I guess lol). I remember seeing MMRR's layout, it is done in the exact same way as RAT.
WDW has never had any trackless dark ride (correct me if I'm wrong) and in almost 6 months, they will have added three (the two previously cited ones + ROTR).

Why do you think they suddenly have this push in trackless ride systems that have been present in the international parks since a decade ?
And most importantly, do you think it is strategic to all of them open them in such a reduced timeframe ?
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Trackless is the new state of the art technology for any ride other roller coasters. It's like if practical anti-gravity tech was invented: you would soon thereafter see it on strollers, bicycles, cars, trucks, trains, and even airplanes, but those different types of vehicles remain different from each other serving the need for that type of vehicle despite all sharing in the benefit of the technological advancement.
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