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WDW with Broken Finger


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Hi All!
We are about to leave on a family vacation to WDW, and a younger member of our family broke his finger yesterday. He’s concerned that he’ll miss out on some of the experiences there, and I’m trying to reassure him. Can anybody think of anything he absolutely won’t be able to do without his index finger?


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1 - Pick his nose. :rolleyes:
2- Eat a Mickey Bar with that hand because he won't be able to get all the melted ice cream off the bandage.
3- He will have to use a different finger for the scanner to enter the parks. (That's not a problem you just have to use the SAME finger for the duration of the trip.)
4- What ever he did, DON"T do it with the other hand. If you have broken fingers on both hands that's when you find out who your real friends are. ;)
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Unless it's his trigger finger (in which case the Frontierland Shootin' Arcade if off, and he may have to use an alternate hand for Buzz Lighyear's Space Ranger Spin and/or a modified grip on the pull-string for TSMM), he should be able to do anything and everything.
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The Pho

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I'd say spin a Tea Cup and maybe some issue with certain buttons and switches on Mission: Space. Getting by without the use of an index finger should be easy. There really aren't a lot of activities that require full finger dexterity to enjoy fully.
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And be careful when gripping some of the ride car seat bar handles. Some rides like BTMRR, RnRC, SM, Dino, EE, and others rock, shake, tip as they move quickly so keep that finger from getting jammed as you are being bounced and jarred around.
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