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WDW Village Resort Villas


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Does anyone have a map, or a link to a map, of either the Disney Institute or (even better) the Club Lake, Fairway, and Vacation Villas which once stood on the site of Saratoga Springs? I'm having a hard time specifically remembering the layout; Were the Fairway Villas specifically located in what is now "The Grandstand", or were more radical changes made to the resort layout when Saratoga Springs was built?


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ss020495.jpeg ss010599.jpeg ss042902.jpeg
Would these help? 3 Google Earth images through time. '95, 99 and '02


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This is a great thread! When I was a kid we stayed in the vacation villas every summer! I remember getting so excited to get into our villa with blue 80's carpet and ride on our golf cart to the village! Wonderful memories for me!!

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