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WDW to Port Canaveral Transfers 2024


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Anyone know or hear anything when we can book our DCL bus from a Disney resort to PC? We are cruising in January 2024 and still aren’t able to book. Anyone know what’s going on?


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Over on the DISboards, someone posted that they called about transfers for their Jan 2024 Wish cruise and they said rates were now $90 round trip (an increase of $6 each way).


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If you haven't already paid for the xfer, I would suggest Happy Limo. Especially if your party is more than 3 people.


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Wow. It was $70/person a year ago. A few years back it was $47/person.
I know WDW severed the contract for Magical Express but I thought/assumed they were continuing to use Mears for DCL transfers however last month I noticed they were using what appeared to be a random selection of coach companies for the transfers?

Does anyone know how long this has been going on? I do wonder if they aren't able to negotiate such a good deal as they had with Mears if they are scraping together coaches from multiple companies?

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