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Rumor WDW Rumor Tracker - The Fourth Awakens

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  • NOTE - After a discussion with MisterPenguin, the choice has been made to put the WDW Rumor Tracker under new management. A massive thank you to MisterPenguin for both authorizing this and for making the original and every incarnation since until now.

  • This is a collection of rumors from trusted insiders (not wild speculation or assumptions). They don't come from me. The information had been originally posted to the various threads of the forum and are just repeated and collated here. There is a link as to where they came from.
  • If you want to discuss or comment on the rumors, then follow the link and post in those threads.
  • Do not comment or start discussions in this thread. The moderators will delete them.
  • Do not ask if there are updates. Go to those threads and ask there.
  • It's OK to discuss the rumor as rumors... as to their source and conflicting information and updating out of date rumors.
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Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary is dead and buried

Night Time Parade

  • Get a new night time parade back eventually. [here]
  • Festival of Fantasy didn't turn out to work well at night, so, not used. Though, an iteration of Move It Shake It was moved to early evening.
  • But there will definitely be a new night time parade for the 50th in 2021. [here] [here]
  • Definitely planned for the 50th. Big budget. Some Paint the Night tech and some new tech. [here]
  • The song "Trip a Little Light Fantastic" may make an appearance [here]
  • Still the plan, but not 'greenlit' yet [here]
  • However, 'outside sources' say both "definitely yes" and "definitely no" [here]
  • Night/Electric Parade Timeline: before pandemic, there was indeed one planned for the 50th [here]
  • And it's likely to be a mix of old parade elements with some new [here] [here]
  • Or, it's a modified Paint the Night that will move to Florida [here] [here] [here]
    • or maybe not? [here]
    • and still not [here]
  • Possibly a new night time parade by the 60th? [here]
  • AND NOW: 2024 [here] [here]
    • It could be a drastically altered MSEP [here]


  • land refresh: while the full plan hasn't been announced, this is definitely happening since it has already started with paint jobs and the closure of Stitch. However, the plans have not been finalized and there are several contenders, and so, competing ideas keep getting leaked...
    • We've already seen the boulders and Carousel of Progress get a new paint job... so they're staying. And the paint job is a hint of what's to come, as well as the new Joffrey's. And rocks will be getting new lighting, like Space Mountain recently received.
    • Laugh Floor, Buzz, Space Mountain, Astro Orbiter aren't part of the refresh. It'll be the look of the land with just a few attractions touched and TRON added. [here]
    • final theme should be clean lines with blue, white, and purple colors [here]
    • the general look will revert to the 1975 aesthetic [here]
    • Tomorrowland's overall refresh is likely to be done with. Power and Light's changes that were supposed to be made may now be cut. [here] Indefinitely delayed [here]
      • Power and Light refresh is taking place now (Apr-May 2022)
    • Current construction is just clean up for that has started and all the other plans are now shelved. [here]
    • In the late Summer 2021, some more retheming was taking place with new concrete
  • Stitch's Great Escape has closed. It was going to be replaced by a Wreck It Ralph ride (like Minions/Simpson in Universal and incorporating VR), but that got downgraded several times [here] and eventually nixed. [here] Some other IP is going there by mid 2020. [here]
    • There may be a semi-permanent attraction other than the M&G in there in time for the 50th. [here]
    • An unknown replacement is due to open with the next three years (from 2017) [here]
    • Stitch replacement indefinitely delayed [here]
  • TRON Coaster has, at last, opened.
  • Speedway might be getting an overhaul. [Here.]
  • Space Mountain
    • As part of the TRON Coaster and Speedway work, Tomorrowland Power and Light (SM Gift Shop) will get a minor overhaul [here] Finished
    • A massive 18 month overhaul of Space Mountain that had been planned since 2005 and was tenatively scheduled from January 2008 to Early Summer 2010 died a horrible death at the hands of budget cuts. It was whittled down to a minor overhaul, but one of the big portions of the project (strengthening the 1975 supports) was indeed partially implemented "with an eye to the future". [here]
    • After Tokyo's massive Space Mountain 2.0 announcement, there is (or was) work within WDI to do a similar treatment to other Space Mountains, possibly including Orlando's. Lightyear, a Toy Story prequel movie that explored the story of Buzz Lightyear, featured a Space Mountain reference and insider sources seemed to imply the US rebuilds, if they happened, would be themed to the movie. But the movie bombed, and any Lightyear plans bit the dust (most likely holding back DL's rumored major Tomorrowland overhaul that according to insiders was planned to be announced at D23 as soon as one week before). [here]
    • And now: exterior refurbishment underway. [here]
  • Carousel of Progress is getting a refurb, most likely updating final scene and reskinning the AAs [here] and news of when that may happen has 'gone quiet' [here]


  • Tiki Room is safe for now.
  • Treehouse: Maybe even the Swiss Family Treehouse will get some sort of change. [here]
  • Fire Mountain (false) Rumor: A volcano for Adventureland was once on the drawing board a long time ago, the rumor it's back on the table as a possibility has recently been revived.

Liberty to Frontier

  • Frontier Land Update: cancelled - was supposed to get an update for the 50th, but Tomorrowland edged it out. [here]
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was hoped to get the special effects ('splosions!) that the DL version had sooner than later, but, now probably later.. in 2020. [here] [now postponed or cut due to pandemic]
  • Rivers of America and Tom Sawyer Island are potentially on the chopping block [here] (half true, they're both being reduced in length and size Anaheim style)
  • Country Bears: Maybe new songs [here]
    • Maybe a show update [here]
    • Country Bears Vacation Hoedown was considered sometime in the last decade [here] along with several show refresh proposals [here]
    • And a show update has indeed been announced [official]
  • Splash Mountain retheme to Princess and the Frog has been rejected by OLC (Tokyo), which WDW was counting on to share the cost. (DL's version will be rethemed, but delayed by about 8 months) [here]
    • So, WDW has to pay the full cost of a Tokyo retheme unless they chose a different IP that Tokyo is OK with. [here]
    • Disney execs keep mentioning it, hasn't been called off.
    • The retheme is definitely on (Named Tiana's Bayou Adventure) and will open in DL and MK in late 2024 [official]
    • The big question now is when will Splash close for the retheme? guesses:
      • During the usual January maintenance it will close and not come back (correct)
      • OR, winter of 2022-2023 sometime [here]
      • OR, after the 50th [here], which now officially closes on March 31, 2023 [link to 50th closure announcement].
      • Turned out to be January 23rd.
  • Pecos Bill's Retheme
    • Rumors abound of a retheme happening to the Pecos Bills restaurant.
    • Tiana is an option (and likely), creating a New Orleans mini-district that might even be part of Adventureland! [here]
  • Beyond Big Thunder
    • Massive expansion beyond Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and along the river. Three major sub sections - Coco, Encanto and the Villains (who are getting a roller coaster in Paris in 2028).
    • Very very blue sky [here]
      • Definitely moving forward [here]
    • Maybe details at Destination D23 next fall [here]
    • If it happens, expect opening in phases within the 2025-2030 window [here]
    • A combination of the previously proposed Frontierland Connector plan [here] and the plan prior to that [here]
    • Bridging the river and ending river traffic was a previous suggestion, but unknown if that's still happening [here]
    • TSI and ROA will be reduced. [here]. A "bit more" of a reduction than DL's ROA shortening - everything north of Fort Langhorn is getting turfed. [here] with [here] as a rough approximation of the reduction
    • Coco expansion sees the FoP tech Orlando clone that was previously rumored and Encanto is either a walkthrough or something like Mystic Manor 2.0. [here]
    • If built a "creepy porthole" would be the connector between "Latinx Land" (Coco/Encanto) and Villains Land [here]
    • Out of the five concepts (Moana, Zootopia, Coco, Encanto, Villains), Villains Land is the most blue sky [here]
    • The closure of Splash could mean an opportunity to set up the future connector to "Latinx Land" [here]
    • Something very big and very unannounced MIGHT be in the works at Imagineering, and if it is it could be this project [here] (and of course, it could be something else)
    • Villains could be starting to be seriously considered [here]
    • Destination D23 simply stated it would be on the scale of Galaxy's Edge. Encanto is currently in jeopardy due to it going to DAK instead, though.

  • Muppets and Hall of Presidents
    • Biden AA arrived.
    • Looking at incorporating Muppets in some way into the show [here] Nope

  • Nothing major is coming to FL [here]
    • And this is likely false because Beyond Big Thunder has been speculated to be "New New Fantasyland".
    • Nope, New New Fantasyland off the table. BBT is a different thing.
Other projects

  • Haunted Mansion restaurant. [here] (This probably isn't happening)
  • In the long term another expansion may go east of Storybook Circus [here]
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Epcot Entrance & World Celebration, Discovery, & Nature

Epcot in General

Epcot Update: Epcot is getting a major update that will have several phases that will run from 2017 to 2021+ [official]

  • with delays: started in 2019 and will likely run until 2023-2025
  • scope is more than $2 billion over more than 3 years [here]
  • There is a push to include more IPs (Intellectual Properties) into Epcot [here].
  • Bob Chapek on Epcot update: to stay true to Epcot’s original vision while making it “more timeless, more relevant, more family, and more Disney"
  • Epcot is likely to get a 'new name'... but not much different... probably going with all caps and maybe some sort of prefix or suffix, e.g., Disney EPCOT, or EPCOT Center.
    • New font for Epcot has appeared with a mostly all-caps look. Website still uses "Epcot."

World Celebration (spine/hub/festivals) The center spine and hub is now called World Celebration. The major overhaul there will NOT finish in Spring 2024, likely a 2025 completion. It was supposed to contain these elements below which are now either cut, delayed, or altered due to the pandemic


  • Festival Center
    • a three-tiered structure likened to a footstool or a mushroom has been officially announced to be in the process of being redesigned to something not as expensive
    • no timeline or art concept is known so far
    • Re-redesigned to be just a "Festival Area" according to Disney.
      • Just a compromise until a permanent structure comes along... which might be the original 3-tiered building after all [here]
      • Turned out to be a large structure with an outdoor stage similar to the original Innoventions building. Named CommuniCore Hall. Opening Late 2023.
  • NE Building: The Electric Umbrella will be a rethemed QS/TS restaurant, still on track.
    • Turns out to be QS only, not TS. Called "Connections." DONE
  • SE Building: MouseGears will be rethemed to a new merchandise store
    • MouseGear renovation is a full gutting of the building [here]
    • MouseGear timeline delayed 4 months because of pandemic [here]
    • Club Cool will be relocated in the newly themed MouseGear building [here] [here]
    • new MouseGear should be done by the end of 2021 [here]
    • new MouseGear called Creations Shop
    • Done
  • NE & SE Buildings: Disney wants new merch and restaurant and Club Cool open by 50th [here]
    • Mousegears not delayed, on track. Starbucks will wind up in NE [here]
    • Gift Shop should be ready by Summer, may keep "MouseGear" name [here]
      • Nope, will be called "Creations Shop" and should be open Sept or Oct of 2021. Will contain new Club Cool. Done
  • SW Building: demolished right before the pandemic. CommuniCore Hall was built here.
  • NW Building & Journey of Water:
    • The situation: The NW and SW sections of Communicore were supposed to be demolished for the new Festival Center (3 tiered building and for Journey of Water which would occupy where the NW building is and then head to The Seas. However, the pandemic stopped the demolition of the NW building and it is still standing. As WDW decides how to reimagine the Festival Building, it is questioned whether the NW building will be demolished and JoW slightly altered to mesh with the new Festival Building, OR, if the NW building will stay (or, at least, its shell) and be incorporated into a new Festival Building, which would require major relocation of JoW.
    • For the NW building to be demo'd: [here] and [here]; and JoW get just tweaks [here]
    • Hint that the NW building will stay and JoW will need major changes [here]
    • NW Building is in process of being demolished.
    • Journey of Water's timeline was 2023, pre-COVID [here] Still on track to come to EPCOT.
    • August 2023 is the completion date, but might not be the opening date.
    • The spine revamp originally included an actual attraction that was axed for this [here] and said attraction was a theater [here] from the plan that involved keeping both the Innoventions buildings and actually expanding them.
  • Hub Dreamer's Point statue of Walt: timeline was 2023, pre-COVID [here]
  • Hub Wishing Tree: Status unknown
  • Hub Fountain: Still coming, timeline unknown
  • Hub entertainment/outdoor plaza: Status unknown (artist concept shows 'flying' acrobats and a Alice themed tea party)
  • Star Bucks: already moved to a 'temporary' location in between Imagination and World Showcase Plaza
    • Now relocated in Connections. DONE
  • Fountain Stage: already moved to a 'temporary' location at World Showcase Plaza

Imagination Pavilion

  • In summary: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but nothing is happening with the Figment ride for the next few years. It was not announced with the Epcot refresh, and thus it is very likely several years away if happening at all. Please stop asking if something's happening with Figment: It isn't. When someone knows, they'll post about it. Until then, the answer is and will be the same... 'nothing.'
  • Timeline:
    • It's 5-6 years away (2022-3). [and again]
    • And further... 2025 (if at all) [here] and [here]
    • In other words if anything happens, the earliest is 2023 to start a project that will complete in 2025, which depends on deciding what to do with the ride (which they don't know yet) and approving a budget for it (which they haven't).
  • It's long range tentative budget is less than Energy's [here]
  • And another confirmation Figment might come back as a possibility [here], but might not... still several options on the table [here]
  • The reason Imagination keeps getting delayed because of internal fights over its direction. While nothing is being decided, other projects jump ahead in the queue [here]
  • A return of the "Figzilla" meet and greet was announced at D23, but the wording in the announcement implied more may be to come (like the long rumored overhaul).

Spaceship Earth

  • Siemens Sponsorship
    • Siemens is ending sponsorship of Spaceship Earth and Illuminations. Confirmed by a Siemens' press release. Discussion of what that may mean here. [accomplished]
    • FALSE RUMOR: "Siemens lost their sponsorship of Spaceship Earth when they offered to provide a new fleet of monorails as long as the monorails had 'sponsored by Siemens' on them." Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.
    • Siemens didn't have strong reasons to sponsor, and sponsorship of the fireworks show being removed from them helped push them away. [here]
  • Big Refurb/Retheme
    • SSE was going to close on May 26, 2020 for major updates including shifting the story from historical modes of communication to the history of story-telling. Some of the dioramas would have been changed, while others remain mostly intact with updates (likely mostly from projectors). But the pandemic has indefinitely delayed this refurb. [the update] [the delay]
    • The full refurb for SSE could take up to three years to accomplish [here]
    • The original plan for rerouting load and unload (which was to utilize or rebuild Project Tomorrow) may not be happening [here]
    • SSE's retheme is pushed off, not cancelled, and may have a change of direction [here]
    • SSE's retheme is indefinitely delayed [here]
    • It will need a refurbishment soon, but unsure whether this will change the ride experience [here]

World Discovery (East side)

Wonders of Life: PLAY!

  • Timeline: starts Fall of 2019, completed in early 2021 to open with GotG Coaster [here] and [here]
    • PLAY! is scheduled for 2021 [here]
    • PLAY! has been cut back in scope. Timeline delayed by 5 months because of pandemic [here]
    • "The Other Site" is saying that this is cancelled [here]
      • and it most likely has not been cancelled, but might be delayed into 2024 [here]
      • And now: likely being reimagined [here], anything in the dome would be a 2025 project [here]
  • What is PLAY!?
    • Found here: [official announcement] A play area (currently unnamed) with multiple interactive activities based on several IPs with M&Gs, including Food & Beverage and digital interaction [here]
    • no E-Ticket attractions (and some attractions are still in flux); a bunch of entertainment. The M&G displaced from razing Communicore/Innoventions West will temporarily go to Imagination Pavilion, and then come here. [here]
    • a breakdown of the concept art [here]
    • a breakdown of the contents vaguely verified as not inaccurate is listed... here
    • The PLAY! pavilion attractions include: "Kiddy and tween playground under the dome. A small Entertainment stage, another small themed interactive show, a walk through, a hide and seek playground and M&G. Some retail, and some QS." -Martin [here]
    • Work was actually done in the pavilion at some point, as captured in this photo. Now, however, according to insiders, the Play! project has been CANCELLED. [here]

R.I.P Horizons

  • The real story of why Horizons went away (and not because of sink holes) [here]

Test Track
  • Test Track is getting another overhaul to bring it closer to World of Motion [official]

World Nature (West side)

Land Pavilion

  • Living with the Land refurb [here]
    • now, not so likely [here]
    • but still planned [here]
  • Dining: additionally, a dining refresh [here]

Living Seas Pavilion refurb around 2021 we'll see...... [here]

  • A recent survey may point to something new at the Seas (that isn't aquarium related) [here]
  • Any Seas updates are now back-burnered [here]

Journey of Water: see hub section above
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Epcot World Showcase

Agent P World Showcase Adventure to be replaced by DuckTales, no timeline [here]
  • It did happen and debuted in December 2022.

  • There is an idea for a summer event... [here]

Mexico: maybe Coco (the new movie) will be overlaid unto the Gran Fiesta ride in Mexico [strong, mid 2020] [overlaid like Gran Fiesta was overlaid]
  • timeline:
    • expect Coco overlay to happen regardless of how the movie's box office goes [here]
    • now up in the air due to the overlay becoming less definite and more iffy [here] [and here]
    • project not dead, but drive to make it happen is diminished [here]
    • And Coco overlay is off the table again [here]
    • In The Epcot Experience, there is a Coco guitar next to the Mexico pavilion. So, the overlay was literally on the table for Mexico at one point, but, never made it to the Epcot upgrade announcements
    • Coco scope scaled back and indefinitely delayed [here]
  • budget of $75 million [here]
    • another confirmation of the $75 million budget [here] but, might be old info and the overlay is still not happening [here]
  • Coco has been designed for Mexico (and a copy for DL), but got cut of the current EPCOT refurb. May still happen, but years away. [here]
  • A description of one plan for a Coco overlay of Gran Fiesta [here]

China's 360 Degree Theater will go digital and seamless [confirmed at D23 Expo 2017]. The new film will be live action and projected from a new central ring in the ceiling. [here]
  • timeline:
    • end of 2019, beginning of 2020 [here]
    • if this isn't cut, expected in 2020. New camera rig should be built. Now, they have to shoot footage. [here]
    • and footage is in production. On track for 2020 [here]
      • perhaps to debut during 2020's Festival of the Arts [here]
      • but it seems it won't since it wasn't announced with other new Epcot films [here]
    • The footage for Wondrous China (360 seamless) has been shot before pandemic shutdowns. [here]
  • could have some Disney IP showing up here, esp, in new 360 movie [here]

  • Yep, that was a thing once planned on in World Showplace in the Africa spot: indefinitely delayed or completely cut [here]

  • Impressions de France: the placement of the Rat ride would not necessitate any changes to IdF or any of France's restaurants or shops
    • in fact, a "new" film is penciled in for 2020 [here]... now, 2022 [here] and [here]
    • IdF's projection system was just updated Spring of 2018 (no new film yet)
    • will be seamless [here]

The UK:
  • A Mary Poppins attraction was announced as part of the Epcot update [here], but now indefinitely delayed (and possibly cut altogether) [here]
  • The Poppins attraction was about $80 million [here]
  • The Poppins attraction would have been like Enchanted Tales with Belle [here]
    • It actually would've been more like a tilt-a-whirl

  • The closed upstairs shop of La Boutique des Provinces is supposed to become a Food & Beverage place. [here]

New National Pavilions
  • Brazil: a possible new national pavilion
    • Timeline: (2021?) (2022?) in 2022 [here]
    • Ground breaking before Winter 2019 [here]
    • Brazil's paperwork is being finalized [here]
    • original artist's concept of Brazil when first floated long ago... new renderings in the works. [here]
    • Brazil pavilion will cost $450 million with Brazil (i.e. Brazilian interests) picking up $250 million of it [here] [here]
    • possible attached attraction/ride [chance of an attached attraction down to more than likely not than likely]
    • This cost is way too high for just a pavilion, and so, it's likely going to include an E-Ticket [here]
    • or not [here] and [here]
    • and... it seems to have fell thru :(
    • A Brazil pavilion isn't necessarily dead dead [here]
    • Indefinitely delayed [here]
    • If there would have been a Brazil pavilion it would have had an attraction with the Three Caballeros and Coco overlays in Mexico, but the attraction and then pavilion fell through [here] [here] [here]
  • after Brazil, Spain is the next contender (a long shot) for a pavilion. [here]
    • and Spain's off the table it seems [here]
  • or maybe three new pavilions by 2025 [here]
  • and maybe India is one of them [here}Annnd most likely not because India's planned headliner got sent to the cornfield.
    • EPCOT's contribution to the Great Park Battle (can be viewed in Version 2) was a Jungle Book ride using the Shanghai POTC tech, and was meant for this pavilion. It died because of a lack of funding. [here]

Fireworks Show: a complete replacement of Harmonious
  • The Replacement of the Replacement:
    • Announced at D23: Harmonious is gone, after roughly 2 years and change (Closing April 2). A new show will debut Late 2023.
    • The barges will not survive the retirement of Harmonious and will be removed next spring [here]
    • Harmonious was intended to last at least 15 years [here]
    • Lake bed issues are why the main barge wasn't centered [here]
    • Epcot Forever might be is returning between Harmonious' end and the new show's debut [here] Less kites and more pyro, debuting April 3.
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Disney Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror will not get the Guardians of the Galaxy overlay that the one in Anaheim is getting [confirmed by Bob Chapek]
  • Reaffirmed: ToT will remain untouched by GotG [here]

Star Tours
  • Star Tours eventually reconfigured for some other IP after SWL opens [here]
    • But now, not likely to happen [here]
  • but pandemic can change/delay/scuttle plans...
  • Ahsoka will be added to the list of destinations
Galaxy's Edge
  • Rise of the Resistance: Overlay?
    • Rise of the Resistance could be rethemed to another era in the Star Wars timeline [here] (in fact, that was a point imagineers made about SWL when building it.
    • Any new timeline overlay would not be a seasonal thing, but permanent [here] (until they decide to change it again)
    • Such a change (not decided upon yet) would take less than a year [here]
  • Any "Phase II" updates to Galaxy's Edge are now indefinitely delayed [here]

Echo Lake area is safe for now [here]

Drive-in and Commissary safe for now [here]

Sunset Blvd
  • no current plans disrupt the theming of Sunset Blvd [here]
  • but a hint that whatever RnRC remains or become may not wind up on Sunset in a further expansion of the park [here]
    • RnRC may be rethemed, or just reoriented from Sunset Blvd to be part of a new land(s) that will be behind it taking over currently back stage areas (and maybe Animation Courtyard buildings?) [here]
    • And now - At least a few higher ups are at least somewhat considering giving RnRC a Queen theme [here]
  • Nighttime animation hub show could replace the Star Wars night show [here]

  • Indy is safe for now. [here]
    • The announcement that Indy will take up shop at DAK may have complicated things a bit
  • A Rapunzel Show was coming to DHS... and it's delayed, with changes [here]
  • Mermaid, Beauty... are all long running shows and plans were made for replacements but then delayed. Will they ever be updated with, e.g., the Aladdin show that was in Anaheim or the Tangled show that's on the cruise ships? (At least the latter one was planned at some point, as shown above)
    • Both are due for some change [here] and [here]
    • But changing them, which was definitely on the table and one supposed to happen in 2018, ended up on the backburner. It is unknown why there doesn't seem to be any movement on this [here]
  • The Theater of the Stars where Beauty and the Best plays could be demo'd for something new or possibly enclosed [here] and probably enclosed again [here]
  • Little Mermaid could be replaced when TSL opens in 2018.
    • Voyage of the Little Mermaid stage show is likely slated to be replaced with a 'black box' ride, which is a C-Ticket dark ride that can be easily rethemed into a new ride as needed [here] and Walt Disney Presents, too, would go to be part of a new ride [here]
    • Voyage of the Little Mermaid (along with multiple others) is now permanently closed [here]. No word on if any replacement is expected.
  • Launch Bay changed in 2019 or even sooner. Disney Jr. is safe. [here] NOPE
  • Of these four: Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast Stage Show, Fantasmic, and Indiana Jones Stunt Show; expect 1 to be changed in 2018, another by 2019, and the other 2 refreshed by 2021. NOPE Also expect a new show in a new-ish location. [here]

The rumored "Phase 3" is not going to be another land, but instead, updates like the Mickey ride; however, there once was talk of "2 new areas" in the planning stages which are now off the table
  • No other big stuff for five or six years [here]
  • Is Monstropolis / Pixar Land Coming to DHS? [not very likely] [and still no]
  • Animation Courtyard is next after SWL for a re-do. [here] and [here]
  • Still some undetermined plans for DHS after SWL opens [here]
  • Pre-pandemic, Martin hinted that a proper Phase 3 (as in an actual new land) was a possibility [here]. It could relate to the rumors in the Sunset Boulevard segment of this post.
  • Launch Bay could be the site of a walkway connecting to a possible expansion behind Sunset, possibly the same expansion Martin hinted at in the Sunset Boulevard segment of this post. [here]
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Animal Kingdom


  • An extra attraction and a full sit-down restaurant are possible additions [here] [updated].
    • It does exist, but unlikely to be enacted [here]
    • Or, it's still in the cards [here]
  • Phase II Addition
    • A description of a proposed Phase 2 attraction in Pandora [here]
    • The Pandora expansion is indefinitely delayed [here]
    • Or, based on The Way of Water's massive box office numbers, this may be back on the table and could even displace the DinoLand project [here]
    • An Avatar attraction was announced for Disneyland. This could be the new attraction for the Pandora Phase Two expansion. [source (Deadline)]
  • a good portion of the interactive at-night lighting effects did not turn out as planned. [here]

Northern Project: Some long term proposal to make use of the land north of Kali and south of Conservation Station. [here]

  • Something within a decade [here]
  • a 'northern project' sometime mid next decade [here]
  • long-term goal to get to the Conservation Station on foot [here]
  • Planet Watch reverting back to it's previous incarnation is indefinitely delayed [here]
  • The land north of Kali is on the 100 year flood plain and not suitable for development [here] Statement retracted, that was referring to a different area of land, the Northern Project plot remains open
  • Putting a land on top of Planet Watch would mean the end of the train [here]

DinoLand Replacement: There were many rumors concerning this area with one or more attractions being replaced with various rumors that kept shifting. Given the pandemic and the closing of Primeval Whirl, any rumors worth mentioning would only be those from plans made in a post-COVID world. See Version 2 of the tracker for what these all were. Though, this prescient one:

  • Primeval Whirl may be gone in a year or two [here]. And... it's gone.
  • The space may be used for a quick flat-ride replacement (2023 or 2024), OR... saved for a more major land addition (2025 or 2026) [here] (The latter was correct)
  • Encanto and Indy!
  • New Encanto and Indiana Jones project has completely replaced the Moana/Zootopia combo seen in last year's D23 [official]
  • There is intent to move forward with this [here]
  • Like the dead Moana project animals will be involved [here]
  • Looks like Indy will be replacing Dinosaur. A FAR better replacement to Zootopia if you ask me, and it at last validates rumors that you can find on V2 of the tracker. I can't wait!

Tree of Life Show: Zootopia got downgraded to a new show replacing It's Tough to Be a Bug. Shame, I kinda liked that one. [official]

Flights of Wonder:

  • New show opened in April 2018 - - UP! A Great Bird Adventure
    • Show was revised due to poor reception
    • Show was revised again on Nov 8 2018 for Diwali celebration
    • Show will be revised again because of poor reviews [here] and [here]
    • Show was revised again post-COVID with just the birds performing and no story/act attached.
    • Future of the show is unknown

Rivers of Light: Show was permanently canceled during the pandemic. No info on any possible new water-stadium show.

  • Or... maybe not so cancelled. [here]
  • Or.. everything is now trashed and it ain't ever coming back [here]
  • Aspirations for a new nighttime show [here]

Zootopia: Zootopia never was planned to be and never will be a DAK attraction [here] and [here] (See Tree of Life section above)

Indiana Jones: Anything that was Indiana Jones that was going to come to DAK is now cancelled It's Happenin'! [here]
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In General / Park Wide

WDW 'MaxPass'? Is a version of MaxPass (paid FP) coming to WDW and FP+ going away?
  • In addition to keeping the free FP+ as it is, the more popular/new rides may have some or all of its FP slot allocated to a pay-for system [here]
  • timeline: maybe 2019 [here]
  • this is not connected with Star Wars Land (for now). SWL's lack of FP at its opening is for efficiency. [here]
  • this is not connected to Virtual Queues (called 'Boarding Groups' for Rise of the Resistance ride).
  • MaxPass/FP+: Internal talks to do away with FP+ or supplement it with MaxPass. The pandemic may be the catalyst to make that happen (while FP+ isn't available at the moment) [here]
  • More on FP+ not coming back or significantly altered [here]
  • And it's come to pass... Genie, Genie+, and Individual Attraction Selection was the replacement.
Pandemic Effects (Reservations, FP+, Hopping, etc..): After reopening from the pandemic, Disney did away with FP+ (see section directly above), Park Hopping, and then instituted a Reservation System in order to limit the number of guests in the parks. Will any or all of these return or go away?
  • Reservation System
    • discussion [here]
    • Disney likely lowering their park capacity (the amount of people that triggers phase closings) [here]
  • Park Hopping
    • it will return, even if Reservations are still in place, but, not a priority [here]
    • it has returned, but limited to 2 PM and gated by Park Reservations
  • FP+ (or other premier access schemes)
    • unlikely to return or be initiated while Reservations are still in place. [here]
    • replaced by Genie, Genie+, and Individual Attraction Selection
  • Plexiglass!
    • expect more rides to get plexiglass so as to increase capacity (more people in same vehicle, and thus, increased throughput of people) [here]
    • plexiglass removed Summer 2021
  • Virtual Queues
    • unlikely for more except for Ratatouille, and even then, unlikely [here]
    • will definitely be for Rat and RotR. Maybe for TRON and Cosmic Rewind when they open.
    • Or.. becoming more likely for rides whose lines get way too long snake to much into walkways, like Jungle Cruise or Smuggler's Run [here]
  • Nighttime Entertain (e.g., fireworks)
    • should come before Reservations end, tho neither are happening soon [here]
    • Fireworks are back. RoL is dead. Fantasmic is in refurb limbo. DHS hub projections back.
  • Park Capacity
    • Difficult to understand what that is since we don't know what is considered 'Full.' Started at 25%, then went to 35%
    • Is it now 40%?
      Yes. [here]
      No. [here]
      Maybe in between. [here]
  • Extending the Gondolas!
    • Skyliner expansion has been proposed, but not in the works yet [here]
    • A proposal does exist to extend the Skyliner [here] and the "overbuilt dog leg" on the Epcot line is the jumping off point [here], with the expansion proposal heading west likely to Coronado and Animal Kingdom [here]
  • Some Type of Transportation Other Than Gondolas!
  • AI driven buses, vans, cars?.... <silence>
  • Monorail
    • Now that the automation has been completed, expect upgrades to the vehicles [here] which includes being flush to the loading platform for easier load of vehicles [here]
    • Bob Gurr and Bombardier
      • Legendary and retired Imagineer, Bob Gurr, let loose that WDW was in the process of contracting with Bombardier for new monorail trains (thanks, in part, to several recent non-lethal but-could-have-been mishaps). Not a done deal... yet.
      • Option: Extending the stations to accommodate longer trains. [here]
    • still going with Bombadier, still in the works [here]
    • How about a Bombadier Innovia 200? [here]
    • if still happening, still a few years away and will be incremental changes [here]
    • Silver monorail was just refurbished, which is a sign that WDW isn't getting new monorails soon and in time for the 50th. So, they're getting refurbed in the meantime. [here] [here] [here]
  • DAK to/from AKL Transportation
    • A new non-Gondola and non-bus way to link AKL with AK in in the works (years away)
      • All they can afford are cable cars [here]
    • Could also link in Disney Springs and elsewhere [here]
  • Train from airport to Disney Springs
    • Brightline discussion thread [here]
    • Target is 2023, but, could be delayed to 2024 [here]
    • No [official]
  • Fifth Gate: Ain't happening. No trusted insider has indicated this is anywhere in the works. In fact, they say it isn't.
  • Club 33: All the rumored Club 33s (one for each theme park) are completed.
  • S.E.A.: No rumors of this backstory being incorporated into WDW for a while now. With the imperative of "more Disney," it seems that S.E.A. isn't "Disney," at least not without a popular movie to back it up.
    • And now, more SEA being added to Jungle Cruise: [here]
  • Cryptic clue: Maybe there will be something built immediately behind World Showcase (American, Japan, France), or, the gondola system is set up for expansion, or, something... [here]
  • 50th Plans Are Mostly Known: Almost everything that will open in time for MK's 50th (Oct 2021) has been officially announced. [here]
    • And now many are up in the air due to the pandemic
  • Hours: How WDW determines how late they'll be open to [here]
  • What does a SVP-Commercial Strategy and Chief Revenue Officer do? [here]
  • Joe Rhode and the mystery of Bali [here]
  • Frozen: Other than minor things at DHS (e.g., incorporating songs from the Frozen short into the sing-along), no more Frozen additions expected in WDW. [here]
  • While "more Disney" is a company goal leading to incorporating established Disney IPs from movies into the parks, there still is the possibility of "non-IP" attractions being added. [here]
  • GotG coming to the Energy pavilion will be the only Marvel integration in WDW... that's the plan... for now. [here]
  • The Muppets are under Walt Disney Imagineering (under their puppetry division). [here]
  • Disney Dining Plan, shelved during the pandemic, may come back in 2022 [here]
Looking To The Future
  • WDI was recently challenged to develop a large scale project somewhere in the resort to present to the big wigs and "time is of the essence" [here]
  • Numerous large scale projects coming [here]
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Disney Springs

Marketplace Makeover: There are plans [here] In approval stages [here] (and from other sources), however, it seems a long time delayed, and with the pandemic, pushed off for far longer.
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Value Designation: Designation of Value, Moderate, and Deluxe being done away with. Rooms priced as the market will bear. Multiple criteria will be considered in pricing: closeness to a park, size of room, theming, amenities, etc.... Computer searching for price range replaces cost tiers.
  • Since this rumor, years have gone by with revamps to hotel designations with regard to villas, DVC, Disney Springs, Good Neighbor, special status of Swolphin, Four Seasons, etc.... But, still haven't done away with "value v. moderate v. deluxe"

Polynesian may be getting a major update [here]
  • And indeed a refurb has been announced.
  • Polynesian Great Ceremonial House retheme with Moana elements has been scaled back in scope [here]
  • The luau kicked it. A massive tower (10 stories IIRC) is replacing it and targeted for 2024. This seems to be an expansion of a different Poly tower proposal that died during COVID.
  • Poly expansion is vertical. It will definitely be ten stories tall and might even open earlier than planned. [here]

  • Maybe 6 new boutique hotels 2018-2031 [here]
  • Maybe a super-deluxe [here]
    • WDW Pro posted this, so take it with a huge grain of salt, but a very very high-end hotel (probably the Super Deluxe) might be destined to go north of Grand Floridian, and may have a private entrance into Adventureland. [here]
  • Maybe the empty resort pad on Seven Seas Lagoon that was once going to be the Venetian will be developed after all [here]
  • Once the road is moved, a new deluxe resort goes up not far from GF [here]. This or something similar was corroborated by Martin. [here]
  • The pirate rooms at CBR are going to be replaced by a general underwater theme [here]
  • There's a possibility that Contemporary is expanding - it was described as about the same scale as Bay Lake Tower if it happens [here] and would, if this post isn't just sarcasm that flew over my head, likely include another tower replacing the South Garden Wing [here]
  • Convention centers at all resorts may be in danger [here]
  • At one point a DVC resort was proposed to go near the MK auto center [here]
  • Four new DVC sites being examined, at least two of which are in consideration and one of which is the above Contemporary expansion. [here]
  • Seeming implications of something similar to Poly's DVC expansion (new DVC studios then a tower) happening at GF in reverse order to Poly along with Yacht Club villas [here]
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Big List of Forum Abbreviations


Google Earth Pro

WDW Project Map by Yours Truly
  • Check it out here!
  • Colors and what they mean:
  • Green - already open
  • Yellow - actively under construction
  • Orange - on the tracker and not cancelled but not currently under construction
  • Very dark orange - Indefinitely delayed
  • Red - Official project cancelled
  • Light purple - status unclear
  • Dark Purple - Rumored project either denied by insiders or cancelled

RCID Address Finder

Rick Singh CFA Orange County Property Appraiser Florida

  • Often has the latest satellite imagery. Will also identify ownership of plots.

Disney's Web Map without borders

Maps of the Reedy Creek 2010 - 2020 Plan

How to Search for Permits


Animation Screencaps: Don't bother firing up D+ on your computer to grab a screencap... they got you covered. (External link)

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No Genie
  • Show up, get in standby lines, OR, use Boarding Groups/Virtual Queues -- either way, all rides can be ridden at no additional cost this way
  • Can still use My Disney Experience app (MDE)
  • The old "My Plans" section can be accessed by searching for my plans in the search bar.
Disney Genie [DG] (without the "+")
  • The app that will plan your day 'for free' by guiding you to your preferred attractions (standby lines) throughout the day.
  • Coming Oct 19, 2021 to WDW. [Start date at DL is still TBD.]
Disney Genie+ [DG+]
  • What is it?
    • DG+ is an add-on to the free Disney Genie app... for a daily fee.
    • It will then show on your app, the list of attractions/rides that have a "Lightning Lane" (what used to be called "FastPass Queue/Line").
    • It shows the next available "Lightning Lane Pass" for that attraction. Click on it, and you know have a scheduled Lightning Lane.
  • Purchasing Genie+
    • Costs $15 per day per guest per day at WDW; costs $20 at DL.
    • DG+ can be bought on a day-to-day basis.
      • You can purchase a theme park ticket with DG+ added on
      • You can add DG+ to your ticket already purchased
      • You can purchase DG+ for the day through the app
        • DG+ can be added to the day of your visit starting at 12:00 AM (let's call it 12:01 AM, so we know which side of the divide we're on). Then, at 7:00 AM, you can do your DG+ stuff.
      • If you purchase a multi-day ticket/package, you can add DG+ for the whole stay.
    • APs can purchase DG+ per day on each day they attend.
      • It is unknown at this time if Disney will have an option to pay one price to add G+$ to an AP for every visit (like a Park Hopper Pass can be added).
    • When you make a DG+ LL selection. It can be cancelled so that you can choose a different LL.
  • Benefit: Lightning Lanes [LL]
    • DG+ gives you access to Lightning Lanes (LLs, previously, FP Queues), which are available one-at-a-time throughout the day.
      • In this way, you can schedule your LLs like Maxpass in DL or with the old paper passes.
    • Shows you the next available scheduling slot for a slew of rides (with the exception of select 'tier 1' rides that now have an individual extra cost [see ILL below]) and you pick one, and show up at the time.
    • All guests can schedule their first LL at 7a at WDW. At DL, they can schedule their first LL once in the park.
      • WARNING: If you grab a LL for later in the day, the 120 minute times starts when the park opens, and not at 7 AM. If your first LL of the day is at park opening, it makes no difference. If your first LL is later in the day, your next LL window will be 2 hours after the park opens.
    • You don't have to be in the park in which your next LL is scheduled (so, you can chose your LL at the resort, e.g., or at another park and then hop)
    • When can you grab your next LL? Book another LL when your return window opens for your current 'open' LL, OR, after 2 hours since your last selection, whichever is sooner, which is the current DL practice of Maxpass.
      • This means that, e.g., if at 9 AM you pick up a Big Thunder Mountain LL scheduled for 4 PM, then, at 11 AM, you can choose a new DG+ LL pass.
    • Note that you can only get one LL per ride per day. For example, if you grab a LL for Haunted Mansion, you can't get another LL for HM in that same day. You'll have to use the Standby line for a second ride. This includes purchasing an ILL (see below). However you get a LL for an attraction, you can't get another LL for that attraction the same day. Re-rides can be accomplished by using the Standby Queue/Line.
    • It seems the the same grace period from FP+ exists for LLs, namely, 5 minutes before and 15 minutes after stated window.
  • Benefits, Miscellaneous:
    • at DL, Genie+ gives you Photopass and audio tour tracks
    • At WDW, G+ doesn't give you photopass, but you get augmented reality lens and some audio tour tracks.
Individual Lightning Lanes (ILL) [formerly knowns as Individual Attractions Lightning Lanes $elect Experiences (IA$)]
  • Buy up to two Individual Lightning Lane $elections (formerly, "fastpasses") for select rides
    • The select rides are: Space, 7DMT, FEA, Rat, RotR, MMRR, FoP, Everest
  • If you buy your max of 2 for the day, they must be two different attractions, no double dipping.
    • If you also purchased DG+ (see above), you're still limited to one LL per attraction per day, whether by ILL or DG+.
  • Unlike DG+LLs in which you can only grab the next available time slot, these individually selected pay-per-ride ILLs can be scheduled at a wide range of time slots if those slots are available.
    • Once you purchase it, you'll see all the available time slots of the day.
  • Disney Resort Guests at WDW can purchase ILL at 7am day-of.
    • Non-resort-guests at WDW, and everyone at DL, have to wait until the park opens to buy their ILL.
  • You don't have to be in the park in which your ILLis scheduled
    • this way, you can chose your ILL at the resort, e.g., or at another park and then hop
  • When you make a ILL selection, it cannot be moved or cancelled for some other attraction or time. It is non-refundable.
  • You don't have to purchase Genie+$15 in order to buy your one or two ILL. A person looking for rides on Genie (regular, not 'plus') will see a button to *purchase* a LL for select rides.
  • Disney wan't sure what to call this. We've seen, and they may still use at times...
    • Lightning Lane Select Experiences
    • Individual Attraction Selections (IAS)
    • Individual Attractions
    • Individual Lightning Lanes (ILL) (!!)
    • Individual á la carte Lightning Lane Entrance
  • At launch, ILLattractions will be priced at $7-$15 per attraction per person. Everest will be the cheapest and Rise of the Resistance being the most expensive. Prices will fluctuate based on demand (so far, prices we've seen have fluctuated only a few dollars)
    • the most expensive ILLs are capped at $15.
  • If the attraction you paid for goes down...
    • you will be allowed to ride it when it comes back up at any time later in the day
    • if it goes down for the rest of the day, currently, you can get a gift card refund from Customer Service, but there is plans to make the refund automatic
    • If it goes down and it comes back up, but you couldn't go the attraction at a later time (e.g., you already left the park), you can contact CS for a refund
Virtual Queues
  • Will be found under Genie (regular, not 'plus')
  • Rat will have them.
  • RotR recently got removed from VQs, it may go back on
  • If you miss the VQ lottery:
    • These attractions could possibly wind up with standby lines on slow days, or,
    • you may be able to buy a IA$ for it under Genie (regular, not 'plus')



See also...


Disney Genie, Genie+, and Lightning Lane FAQ for Walt Disney World

Your most frequently asked questions about the new Disney Genie service coming to Walt Disney World.


This is a helpful graphic by @JAB...



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I added a bunch of stuff as a catch up from the August update of V3. I also changed some grammar. Tomorrow's project: go source lurking and see if anything major has popped up.

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In the Parks
Oh, and one last thing - you're more than welcome to send me suggestions of items that could be added to the tracker! After all, it's what I did on Version 3.
Excited to see you taking over the rumor tracker! If there's any suggestion I could make though, I'd like to see some of the previous version's notes condensed, strikethroughs and completed projects removed, etc. I understand that's no small ask, but I feel there's no need to be afraid of removing old info since it will all be archived in the old thread.

These threads are great for people like me who can only pop in the forum occasionally and miss things in the many active threads, so I really appreciate it!

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