WDW Resort Room Keys?


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We stayed in the Carribean Beach last year, and our DD has kept the room key as a momento.

We are hopefully going to be staying on site at the CB again next year so I was wondering if it's worth keeping the keys to collect all the different styles? I was thinking about doing a little display for her which she could hang up in her room with all the keys over the years, but wasn't sure if the keys change colour/design from time to time?

I'd really like to do something a bit different for her as a special little collection to remember her trips to WDW by, and thought this would be a bit different than just collecting photo's/autographs etc.


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They do change, but I do not know how often. When we went in April 2006, the key had the Happiest Celebration on Earth theme. In December 2006 and April 2007, our keys had the Year of a Million Dreams theme. They do make fun keepsakes. I put them in our Disney scrapbooks.
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I believe that the room keys reflect what ever the celebration at the time is. We like to keep them as well. The kids put them in their special Disney keepsake boxes.
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I always hang on to our room keys, makes for good scrapbook material. to be honest, I still have the key from our most recent trip in my wallet :)

As far as the design changing, it sure has over the years:








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I always save my room keys, if fact, I usually keep the ones from my last trip in my wallet until I arive for my next vacation, then I switch them
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