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WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 9)


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Here is the ninth installment of everyone's favorite thread, the Walt Disney World Photo of the Day Thread!

1. Please post pictures of the Disney Parks and Cruise Lines only...not your dolls, toys, dogs, cars, etc.

2. One photo per person per day.

3. No repeat photos, please.

4. Please limit comments to the photos.

5. Please limit off-topic comments.

Some posters have also adopted some posting conventions that make the thread more navigable. These aren't rules, but merely suggestions:

Posting Suggestions:
1. Please include the location of the photo taken to limit comments if it is not obvious where you took the picture.

2. If you know how, please delete the quoted images from quotes to limit the sizing of the page, replacing the image link in the quote with a small description of the original photo, such as (castle pic). If you are unsure of what post was being referred to, you can simply click on this button
, and it will link you back to the original post with the photo.

I personally also think we shouldn't be posting anything that required breaking park rules to take, but then again, I'm a rule-nazi, and this list is already getting too long.

Enough with the rules, the short and skinny of this thread is this: everyone post your Disney pictures! They need not be professional quality; everyone enjoys seeing the many different perspectives in this thread, and we all can learn from one another, which is one of the things that makes this thread so great. We all love Walt Disney World, so please don't deprive us of your shots!

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Having difficulty posting pictures? Read these Instructions. They will give you the general idea about how to add pictures to your posts.


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Seriously frustrated. Can't get this to work. Loving all of your pictures, though. Thanks!

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