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I wanted to acknowledge a wonderful phone cast member name Harvey that went above and beyond to fix the mistake made by one of his colleagues. This morning, I saw that there were BOG reservations open on 9/22 for dinner, but that they were for during the Halloween Party. I called the Dining Reservations number and asked, to be certain, whether we would need separate tickets for MNSSHP to visit the restaurant. The person I spoke to was adamant that we would not and that everything would be fine and the reservation was made. Being an avid WDW person, this did not make sense to me. As soon as I got to work, I called them back and ask if this was somehow true (maybe something changed this year, how do I know?). As suspected, I was right. However, Harvey was determined not to let me end the called disappointed. He went above and beyond! This CM called over to a manager at the Magic Kingdom and got me a dinner reservation for BOG, on my birthday, before MNSSHP starts!

It's CMs like him that make the whole experience truly magical and I cannot put into words how excited and grateful I am.
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