WDW Myth: Pirates of the Carribean is being haunted by George


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Dear all,

I would love to share some ghost story with you today.

Pirates of the Carribean is one of my favourite rides in WDW & DLRP, but the one in WDW seems to be haunted..

George is generally regarded as a friendly ghost, but he has a reputation for making mischief for non-believers. Legend has it that the Pirates of the Caribbean cast members say "good morning" and "good night" to him each day so he doesn't muck up the works and cause a breakdown. Guests who profess not to believe in him sometimes feel his wrath.
- examiner.com

According to a blogger called darkdisney. He heard a voice from the PA System saying ''Good Morning, George''
around here

Guests sometimes report seeing “someone” looking down on them from the Bombardment Bay fortress, but even more uncanny things have happened, especially if the guest makes idle chat about George in the Load Area and proceeds through the ride alone in their boat. One guest questioned me at length about changes to the dialouge in the attraction until finally I realized that they were telling me that the voice which ordinarily says “Dead Men Tell No Tales” was in fact saying something about the dead “not having a face” and furthermore had felt that many of the ride figures were visibly malfunctioning and appeared to be looking at them! Of course, they had mentioned George’s name several times to themselves while entering, and although we will never be fully sure of the truth of this story, it does make a delightfully spooky addition to George’s tale. And if it matters at all, the guest seemed to be honestly confused rather than deceitful and left looking unsure. I, for one, had trouble standing down at Unload for the rest of the night. As such, it is recommended that all guests who mention or pretend to “talk to” George while on his ride, treat him with proper respect and say goodnight to him as they leave.

Meet Maryln and Brendan Graham, who did not knew anything about George, but captured a ghost with them while riding the great attraction.

Yesterday afternoon, I went on the ride with my mother, father, and brother who is 1 year younger than i am. We sat in the 3rd and 4th rows of the boat. The ride started moving and we were all excited, as we knew that there must have been changes in the ride since the last time we went 4 years ago. In the very beginning of the ride when the smoke was spraying down and Blackbeard's face was projected onto it, we are all ecstatic that the ride had become updated to match the newest movie.

As we went through the smoke, I thought it would be cool to take a picture of my brother and I. I turned my flash on, and took a picture of us. I looked at the picture as soon as it was taken, and I got the chills instantly.

My brother and I were not alone. We may have been riding along with some spirit. We didn't know about George and we thought this was some sort of weird coincidence. Once we got back to our resort for a break in the day, we researched why this may have happened. What we came to find was that some man named George died in the process of making the ride in the 70's.

We went back to the park and later that night, my brother and I went on again.

After asking workers all day if it was normal, we heard the same answer every time. "It was George." We asked the workers at the ride itself why this happened, and they had no explanation for us. They told us not to provoke him any further because he does not like his picture being taken. We went on the ride, and I shook the entire time while squeezing my brother's hand in fear as we sat in the same row as before. I had goosebumps all over my body throughout the whole ride.
- Maryln Graham at Examiner.com

Is it real or fake? :(

Do you have any experience with George while sailing on the Pirates of the Carribean Ride? or..
When the fire scene start, you must shout George 3x.. What happens if you do that? :p

I'm sorry if this has already been discussed

R.I.P George

- EnchantedMouse


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I've always found the stories about George so interesting! I've never had any experiences with him, as I've never talked about the stories or even mentioned his name while in the queue or on Pirates. I'm assuming he mostly leaves average guests alone. That picture is incredible though! I can't tell if he is posing with the two or he's freaked out by the camera. If that picture really is true, I definitely believe in George, now.


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Never heard about George; only Disney park ghost story I've heard is about a spectral figure being caught on the security cameras for, appropriately enough, the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.


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I am researching the story behind George the Ghost at POC.

I am looking for Cast member experiences that would be included in a blog post in October and possible interview in person when I visit the parks first week of october.

i have a general idea of the story but would love to hear some actual accounts.

I also am looking for information about possible ghost sightings on Spaceship Earth. I have found very little information except - a little blond girl and a boy. no back story at all.

If anyone has some info, I would greatly appreciate it and give you proper acknowledgement in my posts!


I heard a creepy ghost story about saying "George" three times in POTC.. anything you guys know about this?

I'm posting this under rumors because technically it is a rumor. So I asked two different cast members outside of PoTC about George, this was when it was under refurb a month ago. So the first time the cast member said that it was a rumor and that George isn't real. Ok so that's one cast member. I went by later that day to ask another cast member. This cast member never even heard of George and I had to explain the story. His reaponce after I told him about it was "well there are a lot of rumors on the Internet and most arnt true." Another anti George cast member. That isn't what I was expecting I thought the cast members would play along with it but I guess not. * Each time I went up to the CM and aske if they said good morning to George.

A few additional threads on the subject.


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In 2008, I was on Pirates with DH, his 2 brothers, and a friend. We all yelled George 3x at wherever we read we were supposed to yell it. Nothing happened. However, when we asked the CM who loaded our boat if he said good morning to George that day, he gave us a serious look and said, "Always."

That's my only experience with George. :D

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i rode at Disneyland in California this past summer when all of a sudden during the fog scene i felt a harsh chill go up my back. Now this wasn't like your usual soft breeze. This was a cold blast.... it made me jump a little but nothing else happened.


If the legend is correct, he fell where the "Burning City" scene is. I don't know why, but every time I take a cruise through the Caribbean I always look up and the ceiling and think of George. Sure it ruins the illusion, but it also serves as a reminder of what some gave to make Walt's dreams come to life.


I read this thread before my trip last weekend so naturally I had to mess with the George. I spent the entire ride saying various taunts to George and about George and challenging his existence ect. I never really saw anything. Only thing I distinctly remember was after the drop are boat shook left and right a bit more violently than I remember that after drop being. It shook very strongly and for a few seconds more than usual after the drop. Was it George mad at me? Who's knows.. OooooOooooOOOooo *makes wavey hand motions*


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Several of my friends worked at Disney world in the early 2000s and told me all the George stories (saying "hello," "goodbye," some aggressive acts, and etc.). Therefore, I would always ask workers at the ride about George and freak my friends out. I went about two years ago and told my friends about the stories, and when I asked the workers they all said "I don't know what you're talking about." This frustrated me and later that night I looked up George stories on the Internet and showed them to my friends. We saw it posted that something weird would happen if you said his name three times in the fire scene, so we agreed to do it the next night. The next day we hopped in the boat and began to take off; my friend got extremely excited and yelled George three times next to the skeleton steering the ship ("dead men tell no tales"). No joke; the ride stopped immediately (within a second) and we were stuck on the boat for 45 minutes. They kept announcing that the ride would be up and running in a few minutes, but it wasn't. They eventually sent workers in with waders to get us out of the boat and to exit through a side door. I told a worker, "It's his fault the ride broke down...he said 'George, George, George.'" She got real serious and said, "You can't do that! Weird things happen!" Anyways, it was probably coincidence but it makes for a fun memory!
Honestly, with all of the confusion between wether George resides in DL or WDW, I highly doubt the story, and I'm a hardcore Ghost believer considering I've had my share or experiences. George is not one of them, and I've definitely talked about George in the PotC queue. Nothing happened. So... Either that just rules out DL as where George calls his forever home, or George us just a tale that visitors and CMs tell to add a bit of spook.
Hmm, this is new to me. The only ghost I heard of is the smiling child in haunted mansion.
Actually, people say that they see the same boy in PotC that they see in HM. A lot say that the boy in HM is also George and he resides in both rides. Tbh, that's a bunch of bullhonkey to me since that's not really low ghosts work... They can reside in a place, but they can't be in two places at once. That's rediculous.

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the last time i rode pirates in wdw i said "hi george" a few times in the queue and looked for a sign to see if he heard me. went through the dark cave with the "dead men tell no tales" cave, nothing. went through the ship battle scene, nothing. went through the auction scene, nothing. went through the scene where the drunk barefoot pirate sitting on the bridge points at the guests' boat and says "tread lightly." nothing. went through the treasure room scene, nothing


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A bus driver told me that all of WDW is haunted by a ghost named "Robert," and if you yell his name 3 times anywhere in the resort, the rides stop, your MagicBand™ stops working, Disney buys a new IP, and all the CMs go on strike.


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Who is the ghost that haunts SSE? I always forget his name, but I do believe that there is a ghost that haunts SSE if I remember correctly. Unless that is George also?
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