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WDW Monorail Colour Survival

Monorail Silver

New Member
Original Poster
Welcome to WDW Monorail Colour Survival

All colours start with reliability at 10.

Type Damage <Monorail Colour> to decrease the monorail's reliability by 1
Type Repair <Monorail Colour> to increase the monorail's reliability by 1

You must Damage and Repair a monorail in every post and can only have one damage and one repair per post

Current Stats:

Red 10
Coral 10
Orange 10
Gold 10
Yellow 10
Teal 9
Lime 10
Green 10
Blue 10
Silver 12
Black 10
Peach 9

Monorails Lost:
None yet :)


Well-Known Member
Repair Silver
Damage Teal


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