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WDW Favorite Attraction Bracket Polls-Round #3-Group #13 (1 of 4 in this round)

Choose your 3 favorite WDW attractions out of these 6

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Time to get Round #3 under way with Group 13!

In Round 3, you get to choose your favorite 3 WDW attractions out of the 6 proposed (in alphabetical order).

This third round proposes 4 groups of 6 contenders that either got in by placing in first four places in there Round 2 Group
or finished first in their Round 1 matchup. Round 3-Top 24 will narrow things down to Top 12 for Round 4.

Previous Groups are accessible here:
Rd #1-Group #1
Rd #1-Group #2
Rd #1-Group #3
Rd #1-Group #4
Rd #1-Group #5
Rd #1-Group #6
Rd #1-Group #7
Rd #1-Group #8

Rd #2-Group #9
Rd #2-Group #10
Rd #2-Group #11
Rd #2-Group #12

As usual, feel free to comment about your vote!

Remember to now CHOOSE 3


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FoP, KS, TT .... TTAP regrettably being left out.


Test Track seems boring to me after the remodel. Still a great ride, but it no longer has a story line. It would be vastly better ifthey slowed it down and made it more of a tour ride like World of Motion use to be.


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Official Results - Round #3 - Group #13

Group 13.jpg

- Top 3 qualify for Round 4-Top 12.
- No real surprise in this one, all 3 winners from previous groups made it through.
- Personally still a tad shocked about the PeopleMover being so popular.
- It managed to edge Test Track for final qualifying spot in this round.

Round #3 continues with voting for group 14 still on.
Also expect group 15 to be posted soon!

A big thanks to all voters!
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