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WDW Favorite Attraction Bracket Polls-Round #2-Group #12 (4 of 4 in this round)

Choose your 4 favorite WDW attractions out of these 8

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Already time for Group 12, the last group of Round #2.

In the second round, you get to choose your favorite 4 WDW attractions out of the 8 proposed (in alphabetical order).

Remember that this second round proposes 4 groups of 8 contenders that got in by placing 2nd to 5th in there respective Round 1 Group.
The First 4 places in each Round 2 Group will join the Winners of each Round 1 Group to constitute Round 3-Top 24.

Previous Groups are accessible here:
Rd #1-Group #1
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Rd #2-Group #9
Rd #2-Group #10
Rd #2-Group #11 (official voting still opened)

Keep comments and votes comin'!

Remember to now CHOOSE 4


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EE, Dino, TT, JC... Waiting to go on MFSR for the first time in May, so that might alter my decision.


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In the Parks
This was a tough one! As with all of the polls, I ask myself for which one would I book an FP with every visit. Here is my analysis... MFSR is a fun ride, but not a thrill ride like EE or even TT. MFSR has extra appeal because it is the Falcon, but not enough compared to the classic JC. There is the game aspect to MFSR which I like, but it's not emphasized enough and relies too much on others. And, although TSMM is not on this list, I would pick it over MFSR because I love the competition. Slinky, while not at the thrill level of EE is just so much fun to ride, I would pick it over MFSR, too. And, I know I may be in the minority, but I really enjoy designing a car on TT and being crazy creative. Plus, fun to compete with other designs. So, my top 4 are EE, JC, SDD and TT.


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Wow, after Expedition Everest way ahead in first , it's crazy tight for next 4 spots in this group!

Jungle Cruise, the Falcon, Slinky and Test Track are all within 2 votes of each other. Dino also has an outside shot.

Please keep voting!


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Official Results - Round #2 - Group #12


- Top 4 qualify for Round 3-Top 24.
- Expedition Everest the clear winner in this one.
- Fierce battle for next four spots.
- Sadly, the Falcon did not make it.
- Test Track won that battle over Jungle Cruise and Slinky Dog Dash.

That's already it for Round #2.
Stand by for Round #3 coming soon!

Thanks for voting!
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