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WDW Escape Wedding Plan

Sam Wallace

New Member
Original Poster
Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

Me and my Fiance have recently book our WDW Escape wedding for October 2016, which we are immensely excited for. We have had picked up a lot of information and ideas from this forum so first of all, thank you for that!

Currently our day looks like this;
2.30pm ceremony at Sea Breeze Point followed by the usual cake cutting.
3.30pm - 5.30pm we have a planned sit down meal at one of the Boardwalk Inn convention rooms.
8.00pm - 9.30pm we have a dessert party in Epcot infront of the illuminations.

As you can see we have a 2 hour and 30 minute gap between 5.30pm and 8pm which I am slightly concerned about, and then the early finish at 9.30pm.

I was hoping someone may have some thoughts, experiences or opinions on how to fill the evening gap firstly. Because it is an Escape wedding we are unable to extend the time in the dining room and so far the only solution we've been offered by our wedding consultant is to sit in of the near by lounges for 2 hours and 30 minutes, which would be great if we could book out an area but apparently we are not allowed to do that.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Sweet Melissa

Well-Known Member
My suggestion was going to be the same as your coordinator's. Since you have a smaller group, you might be able to squeeze into the Belle Vue Lounge and take advantage of the board games they have there. The Cabana Bar at the Dolphin could also be an option. They have enough space that even though you won't have it to yourself, it will feel like a private party. We had our rehearsal dinner there, and at the time, they had some games that people could play, like a bean bag toss game.

I do know of one lounge where you can reserve space. You can reserve the upper deck of the Bluezoo lounge. I believe it's a $800 minimum before tax and gratuity, though, so each of your guests would need to consume $40+ in drinks. Not hard to do there, but still kind of a lot.

Sam Wallace

New Member
Original Poster
Thanks very much for your input. We will possible go down the Bluezoo Lounge route, but will have to wait a bit closer to time to figure out. We are hoping another options may be to go play a round of mini golf nearby followed by drinks! But will find out if thats possible when our coordinator get in touch.


Well-Known Member
Congratulations! October is such a perfect time in WDW. My question is when do you plan on taking photos? After the ceremony? I'm not sure how long these ceremonies typically are but I've been part of some agonizingly long photo sessions for weddings. 5:30 sounds like that's right around sunset, you could take some really pretty outdoor photos if the weather is right.


Well-Known Member
I would do some group stuff on the Boardwalk, street performances, caricatures, pictures, etc. That can take most of the time you have there, then walk on into Epcot and enjoy desert. :)


Well-Known Member
Well, you will have just been married, have a couple of hours...and have a room. Just Sayin'.

I also love the idea about the Boardwalk. It's fun and is right there next to Epcot.


New Member
Congrats on ur upcoming wedding :). My sister is getting married here as well in October 2016 at Sea breeze point. She has an early afternoon wedding, we are also booked for the Epcot private dessert party
We are planning after the wedding , changing into casual wear to go for late afternoon dinner at Polynesian resort , then heading back to Epcot for a group Ride, Then Back to hotel room to help her back into wedding dress to attend her private fireworks dessert party at Epcot.

20 people in attendance

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