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after reading your reply on "favourite parks" I would like,no,I dare you to tell me what, if anything,you currently like, enjoy or think is good, even slightly good will do, about WDW at this moment in time.It could be the position of a tree in M/K or a nice muffin you had recently in Downtown Disney,it could even be a rust-free zone(however small) you've noticed.

Now, take your time,try your best and remember we're all rootin for ye.I know you can do it.
Good luck.

Mr Lightbeer

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Originally posted by jay_london
has mlewis returned, I didnt think he was on the new forum!!

Yes my friend, but he is cleverly disguised, but it didn't take us long to recognise his poetic writings


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Mr. Lightbeer....

You are too, too much....dangling red meat in front of a tiger! He'll be up all night trying to think of something good to say just to prove you wrong...:D

By the way...I just got an email from wdw critic complaining about me insulting him...don't think he liked the 'diaper' comment...lol.
Someone throw this guy a crying towel please!:D :D

I don't have a dog in this fight but I was prepared to badger this guy until he cries uncle scrooge. A more reasoned approach would be to let the guy with his hand on the NUKE button handle it..ie, Steve. As for me....now is a good time to start the IGNORE list. :D :D :D
Hope all is well on the other side of the POND...:cool:


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Tramp - u got a personal email! you are lucky!! :D :D :D

On your second point- this new forums has SUPERB admin features - i can do all kind of cool things behind the scenes :) and yep, the ignore list is a cool feature too! :)

Things are OK on this side of the pond - but I would prefer to be on the other side!! :cool:


I agree with Tramp on this one. I think the best thing to do is ignore his posts. It's so obvious he's only here to cause trouble, not post valid criticism. Why let him upset us? We like this board - no wait - we love it!! We like the topics and each other (I hope) and if he doesn't like it, then he can simply go away. We have too much fun, so we shouldn't let him spoil it :)

wdw critic

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lightbeer, you ole bloke!!! what took you so long to get into the newest "row" as you Brits say, you're slowing down ole man. But its good to hear from you!!!Nice to see the posts from people who love to hate me. I was beginning to feel left out. I accept your challenge and I PROMISE to be fair, balanced and not so sarcastic,but just a little bit. But, there is one problem. There is sadness in the house tonite. I had to put my black lab to sleep today, he was 13 and well, it was time to say goodbye so I'm really not up to the task tonite. His name was thunder and now it is thundering and raining,he's probably up there causing all this. I see you are from liverpool,beatles and all that. True story: I graduated from columbia high in decatur,georgia in 1970. guess who was in my phys ed class, you guys call him MDC as in Mark David Chapman,as in the creep who shot John Lennon, actually ate lunch with him a few times in the cafeteria, he's a strange duck. I also met Allan Williams, the Beatles manager before Epstein,very interesting to talk to. Would really enjoy coming to liverpool to see all the beatles sites,maybe some day. Well, got to go, I will make a list tonite of all things good about wdw,yes, there are some good things.

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thanks jay-london,it's a sad ritual all pet owners unfortunately have to go through,,,, now for mr. lightbeers challenge, keep in mind this is not in any order of importance:
1.chicken fingers anywhere in the world
2.cruising the waters in a pontoon boat,those water taxis keep cutting me off!!
3.sitting on the poly beach at night listening to the train whistle in the distance,watching the monorails, the contemporary and the grand floridian lit up and then the fireworks start,,,, then watching this couple on their honeymoon...
4.the walkway on top of the contemporary,especially at night
5. fish and chips, was in southhampton and london,yum,great with malt vinegar
6.staying in ft. wilderness
7.hoop de do revue,chicken is a little salty,the show is great
8.o'hanas,shrimp the size of small rats
9.whispering canyon cafe, waiters are a hoot
10.wilderness lodge,2nd best lobby in the world,great xmas tree
11.grand floridian,best lobby in the world
12.cont. tower rooms facing the mk,sit out on the balcony sipping a cold guinness at night
13. the old poly pool
14. the poly,yeaI know I criticized the decor but I like the landscaping
15.haunted mansion,could use more high tech effects, imo
16.pirates of the caribbean
17.carousel of progress,like the old show better
18.main street at night,but too many merchandise shops,imo
20. columbia harbor house
21.port orleans
22. the coffee bar next to the kona cafe,desserts are fantastic
23.steak and kidney pie
24.london,greatest city in the world
25.english pubs
26.that warm feeling looking at the castle at night,oh crap, no pun intended,need to go change that diaper.......

now about that tree in the mk, one foot to the left would be perfect,, and that muffin was short one raisin!!! I'm still looking for that rust free zone! See, I told you there are some good things in mouseland,you guys were'nt reading between the lines!!


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Good job critic! ;)

But please, go to the First Aid station and change that diaper...ok? LOL :):)

By the way, the First Aid station near the Crystal Palace is a real "cool" place to get out of the heat and pick up a few bandaides for those blisters....OUCH! :(

Sorry to hear about the pooch! Like losing a family member:( :(

wdw critic

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hey tramp, while I'm at the first aid station I can slip into the gerber place to change that depends diaper,, thanks about thunder,,,I was just looking at his grave in the backyard, buried him in his favorite spot,,,,he was a great dog,,,,,life goes on

Mr Lightbeer

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Now that wasn't so hard was it ?
I'll give you a more in depth reply soon.I'm really busy at the moment.

Now for another new name wdwcritic no longer suits you.


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oh next time you go take a look its great views. Go up to the california grill but as you exit the lift turn left towards the rest rooms and the door out to the walk way is round there.


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