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WDW Coupon Book at Disney Store


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I was just at my local Disney Store and at the Register they now have a flyer that mentions if you purchase WDW Park Tickets at the Disney Store you will recieve a Coupon book filled with discounts throughout the Walt Disney World Resort...Anyone know more about this?


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Oh! I can help!! I was in the Disney Store yesterday and asked about it. It is essentially coupons for Downtown Disney - like Planet Hollywood and other coupons similar to what you can find in the back of Burbaum's guides. Hope that helps!

We are going over Memorial Day weekend and have to buy tickets. We are probably going to buy them there for the free coupons. May as well get something free it you're spending a lot of money.


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Here are the coupons that I received with my annual pass a few months ago:

10% off Merchandise at arribas brothers
15% off in Rainforest Cafe Retail Villages
Free $5 charm with each Hairwrap Purchased at The Hairwraps Company
20% off lunch at Worfgang Puck
15% off Discount at Basin
$10 off $50 at Lego Imagination Center
Free Cookie withthe pruchase of large cofee at Coco Moka Cafe
Free Funny Saying Magnet wtih $4.50 purchase at Magnetron
10% off at Sunglass Icon
10% off any purchase over $15 at Cookes of Dublin
20% off lunch at Portobello Yacht Club
$5 off any food, beverage or Merchandise purchase over $20 at Planet Hollywood.
15% off Virgin Megastore
20% off lunch at Fulton's Crab House
Free Gift with purchase of $65 at Orlando Harley-Davidson
10% off Lunch, Dinner, or Merchandise at Raglan Road
2 Tokens for the price of 1 for Train or Carousel at Downtown Disney Marketplace
Purchase any 3 Tattoos and get 4th free at Magic Ink
20% off lunch/diner or 10% off retail shop at House of Blues
10% off Merchandise purchase at pop gallery
15% off your entire purchase at Ghirardelli
One Free Oyster with purchase of 10kt or 14kt ring setting at Pearl Factory
10% off merchandise purchase at Hoy Poloi
10% off gift/novelty items or 5% off framed/autographed posters at Starabilias


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Ah Thanks! I would do it but I'm staying a little longer and the Disney Store only had MYW Passes up to 7 days...Boo-Urns..


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Ah Thanks! I would do it but I'm staying a little longer and the Disney Store only had MYW Passes up to 7 days...Boo-Urns..

You can buy a 7-day ticket at the Disney Store and then easily add more days to it when you get to WDW. It just takes a quick visit to a ticket window, Guest Relations or the front desk at a Disney hotel. They'll just charge you the price difference. (About $2-$2.50 a day) Just note that MYW tickets can have a maximum of 10 days.


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