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WDW Attraction Summer Madness - Regional Semi #2: Soarin' vs. Peter Pan's Flight


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Continuing with the second of the 8 regional semifinals ("Sweet 16" Games) in the WDW Resort Attractions Summer Madness Tournament, here is today's match-up. As a reminder, for the Sweet 16, the rule is that you vote for your favorite, and the first attraction to achieve at least fifteen (15) votes advances to the regional finals (Elite 8).

From the Donald Regional: Peter Pan's Flight (Magic Kingdom) vs. Soarin' (Epcot)

Two "flight-based" attractions are squaring off here in the Donald regional. Soarin' has thus far notched wins over Dumbo the Flying Elephant (25-2) and the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular (24-7). Meanwhile, Peter Pan took down a DHS duo of the Studio Backlot Tour (24-4) and Fantasmic! (19-13).

Which high-flier will advance, and which one will be left grounded?:confused:


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Peter Pan's Flight. When my daughter was four it was the only thing we rode all day and we never got tired of it. Soarin' got old after our second ride. Plus, I don't like other people's feet in my face.


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I'm voting for Soarin'

I think it is an amazing ride... I find it strange how many people dislike it.:shrug:



Peter Pan was always one of my favorite Disney movies growing up. And I do love Peter Pan's Flight, but Soarin' gets my vote. I love the music, the scenery and the smells that they put out. Going back to my standby of "which would I ride if I could only ride one," that makes Soarin' the easy answer. We've skipped Peter Pan's flight on each of our last trips to Disney World and we skipped it at Disneyland Paris in February. I love it, but it's not a "must-do" for me.

David S.

Peter Pan's Flight


Peter Pan's Flight is a magical, iconic Disney ride based on a magical, iconic Walt Disney animated classic. Both the ride and the film are among my favorites and really capture the essence of what Disney is really all about to me:

"When there's a smile in your heart
There's no better time to start
Think of all the joy you'll find
When you leave the world behind
And bid your cares goodbye
You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!"

I already wrote a lot about why I love PPF in its earlier matchups. I think every scene is done well and captures the spirit of what the Peter Pan story is all about. To sum up :The nursery scene with the bear and dolls having tea is very charming and perfectly captures the Spirit of Youth and Innocence.The flight over London and NeverLand is breathtaking and TickTock Croc in the finale always cracks me up!

Soarin' is breathtaking and the best motion simulator I've ever been on. The flight over Disneyland at night during Christmas season in the finale is very inspiring and easily my favorite part. Soarin is actually my second favorite of the four remaining in it's region, as I'd pick it over Test Track and Haunted Mansion, but it got a tough draw against such a charming, timelessly DISNEY archtypical classic that is Peter Pan's Flight.

PS. I've never had to wait more than 10 or 15 minutes for either of these attractions thanks to the magic of Fastpass! ;) And for those who feel seeing other people's feet takes away from the effect on Soarin - I agree. I usually ask for the top row, and like my experiences on any other attraction in which I've requested a specific row, the CMs honor row requests. If it's full you might have to wait a cycle, but it's worth it, IMO. Especially when I am showing someone the ride who has never been on it before. "May I have row B1, please!" :) (Top row, center section)


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I like Peter Pan, but I could miss it on a trip and it wouldn't be a big deal.....Soarin' has become a must do!!!

Matt and Kelly

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I'm voting for Soarin'

I think it is an amazing ride... I find it strange how many people dislike it.:shrug:
Absolutely agree. Soarin' gets my vote here as well. Top three in all of WDW for me.

Love Peter Pan's Flight as well, but cannot pick it ahead of Soarin'
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