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Pre-Trip WDW A Solo Story

So here we go again I am 3 months out from my next trip to WDW. It has been 5 years since the last one so time for a Pre-Trip Report !

The Who, Me, Myself and I


The When, 2nd of Oct to 16th for 2 weeks of the Disney Bubble flying with Virgin Atlantic from Heathrow for the first time.


The Where, Pop Century again in a preferred room like the last trip

Pop Century.jpg

The Why, Star Wars baby ! When I was there in 2017 Galaxy's Edge was still under construction and so it is time for me to go visit and get myself a Lightsaber (or 2 or 3)

The Plan, 2 weeks of the Disney bubble no outside trips to Universal or Kennedy or Seaworld just 14 days of Disney where I will try and do some of the things that I have never done.

Obviously these days you need to pre book the parks so I have done just that the Holiday Begins and Ends here


Because you know Star Wars.

The rest of the trip will be MK. AK, Epcot and DS with repeat trips to all.

Magic Kingdom 3 Visits.

Hollywood Studios 3 Visits.

Animal Kingdom 3 Visits.

EPCOT 2 Visits.

Disney Springs 2 Visits.

Obviously these plans may change depending on Weather etc.
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I'm in for the fun! Agree with everyone that as a Star Wars fan, you will really enjoy it! Try to score a walk up at Space:220 Lounge if you're headed to Epcot. As you know, Solo travelers can score a few things that ones travelling together may not.
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