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Watto's Grotto to reopen at Disney's Hollywood Studios


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Can't say I'm surprised, but was hoping for something new coming to the AFI space. Oh well.


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This is exciting for those who couldn't make a Star Wars Weekend trip. Knowing they are adding more Star Wars things, like the fireworks, and this store start knocking some of the reasons to go to SWW in the Spring. Definitely helps it from feeling exclusive. SWW may no longer be a must-do. haha

Obi Walt Kenobi

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It makes since to meet the demand for the force awakens merchandise, and cash in on a vacant space. But if you start doing things like this and the fire works and other offerings it could cheaping Star Wars weekends. But with a new land coming I guess everyday will be star wars day.


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If anything I'll be back on Sunday to get better quality pictures and of individual items.
YES PLEASE!!! I feel like I have seen so much the force awakens merchandise the last few days but there seems to be alot of park specific stuff in your pics that I have not seen. Any additional pics are much apreciated thanks!
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