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Was it a bad idea to turn M2M into a pizza parlor?

Was it a bad idea to turn Mission to Mars into a Pizza Parlor?

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Mr. Johnson

Original Poster
Mission to Mars closed 1992 at Disneyland and was meant to be replaced by Alien Encounter. That never happened and due to extreme budget cuts, it was scaled back to be just a restaurant, a restaurant that has terrible food, but still a restaurant.

My question tonight astronauts and cosmonauts was it a good idea to replace an attraction that was outclassed in every way by Star Tours with a pizza place on paper, while also shutting down the Space Place? What do you think?
I think it would have been a good idea if the pizza was better and there was some cool animatronic entertainment and theming. Imagine a real pizza planet. But, we didn't get that.
But hey, we're lucky, apparently the pizza that was at the Nick Hotel was worse.
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