want to get a personal autographed photo..


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i have a great phone taken of me and Mickey at Tusker house.. from our last trip. I want to have Mickey autograph it and get it back to me.. how can i send this in and get it signed and sent to me..


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Was it a PhotoPass photo? It may be possible to add a digital signature as part of the personalisation options in PhotoPass, or at a PhotoPass counter in the park.

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I'm assuming that if you know someone who's somewhat good with Photoshop, you can scan the photo and add the signature provided above digitally, then print. I'm NOT good with Photoshop and just used Paint 3D in Windows 10 to give an example. Sure, the signature won't look authentic, but I'm not sure you're going to fool anyone into thinking there's a real gigantic mouse named Mickey who's famous, performed in films, and signed your photo. :happy:

I'd be happy to try the same on your photo if you want to post your pic, or send it to me via a message. Here's the example I did in about 15 mins. I used an unrelated photo so you could see that I really did it myself, and that the sig has no business on that picture. ;) At the very worst, you can get a temporary one with Mickey's sig until you get it really signed by him.

chicago-blackhawks-mickey sig.jpg
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