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Want free stuff sent to you while livin the WDW blues?


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*I did a search and I didnt find anything but correct me if Im wrong*

You know about the WDW/DL Trip planning DVD, Custom Park Maps...blah blah blah...

but did you know that you can get a DVC DVD? If you did then here is a lil tidbit that you may have not known... If you order the DVC DVD then you will get a call from DVC in the near future. Don't hang up! Act like your interested. They will ask you if they can send you some info through the mail. Say yes! I personally thought it was some brouchures but I didn't care cause anything Diz is great in my eyes... You will get a Priority Mail package come in the mail. Inside is a hardcover book about DVC with complete colored pages and another DVD! And best of all? Completely free w/o any shipping charges!

Also there is a DVD that you can customize! I have yet to get mine though...

Oh and there is a Disney Cruise Liner DVD too which I just sent for...havn't heard anyone talk about that either.

Just thought I would share the pixie dust.

:king: ~Leash


I got a phone call from them about 30 minutes ago...I told the gentleman that I was interested and had just requested the DVD the other day. We chatted for a while - nice guy. Anyway, I hope to get the whole package, including the book. I'll at least get the DVD.


I requested the Disney Cruise Line DVD a few weeks ago and still have not received it. I keep going to the mailbox hoping to see it there. It has been longer that it took to get my YOMD DVD.


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So this is why I only got the 'normal' dvd. When I saw the other thread, I thought it was just a pick of the draw type thing...guess I didn't read thoroughly.


We order the vacation planners every year. We got the new YOMD DVD about 2 weeks ago and it's the best one yet. If you load it on your computer, there is a folder "for kids by kids" that has an ipod friendly video thatt can be downloaded for tweens to enjoy.

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