News Walt Disney World's COVID-19 reopening plans announced - July 11

MASKS MANDATORY!!!! Yipee! Disney has asked for a reasonable request during a pandemic. Anyone unable to gladly comply should stay at home. Anyone who wants to show up and act like an ***, arguing when they don't want to comply, or when they refuse to comply should quit complaining. You hopefully wipe your butt, shower regularly, pay your taxes, wear your seat belt, are kind to your kids... this is just one more thing that, as an advanced society, we are required to do in crowds right now to stop additional infections and deaths.

Does your mask match your soapbox?

Giss Neric

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I do rent
...not if you bought when the prices had value 😉

But to your point...i spend a few thousand minimum each the bread and drink the wine...

And apparently the fact I prepaid and give them ops fees means they’ll “get to me” whenever people forget the obvious flaws in the system this has exposes.

About 6 months or less based on the average Disney fan attention spans...
I do take advantage from my DVC friends and just rent points from them 😁


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So our existing resort reservations starts July 10th for 8 nights. Anybody have a guess how they might handle that? Will they cancel the entire reservation or give me the chance to modify and come in on the 11th? I wonder if the reservation system will reduce the guest number such that fastpasses will not be necessary. The phased opening has really screwed with the days that we would be in which parks so we will have to change our plan and therefore fastpasses and dining reservations. The wait time to Disney reservations is currently about 2 hours.
I assume all this will be worked out. Still no word on which resorts will be open either. Could be some open 7/11 like MK area resorts and AKL since those parks are open. EPCOT area resorts may open later. On the FP thing you probably get in line with everyone else. Kinda a mess, but you could always move it back to August or the fall too.


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I think that could be the next announcement. Open to Florida residents/APH until further notice to control crowd levels and monitor Covid spread within the parks. Maybe no resort bookings until after NBA has officially confirmed their resort status? Or has CSR been confirmed.

I would have liked to see them open the parks to resort guests only for the 1st 2 weeks then to APH's by allowing resort guests only Disney could track the guests movements plus they know exactly who is staying and where they are coming from to track them and test out of the new procedures then move onto the pass holders.


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That rental “thing” is far from a guaranteed forever deal. They tolerate it for some obvious reasons.
This situation could break it permanently. Lots of very unhappy people who rented points trying to figure out what to do on cancelling or changing reservations. Not Disney’s problem but if it blows up they could restrict it going forward.


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The meltdowns just won't be the ice cream and the cold drinks. It's going to be a meltdown in the hearts and minds of all going but we're going to make the best of it.


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BUT what about the FLORIDA SUN and all the OTHER factors that come into PLAY WHEN you wear a MASK in very HOT weather?? The CORONAVIRUS can be ABSORBED into the MASK and you will BREATHING it in. ALSO what if you WEAR GLASSES? They will STEAM up from all the HEAT and STEAM caused by the MASKS.
Someone really needs to remove the caps lock button from your keyboard.

Parker in NYC

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I think someone's making some pretty daring assumptions.

What else is new! I was all ready to post a slew of bookmarked posts today from the past few months but have been told repeatedly why that would be rude of me. So, I figure, what else is new. If anything, my neighbors have been spared yet again my nude running through the neighborhood singing "Rocketman".


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we booked a trip for october before everything hit the fan. playing it by ear on how things turn out from here on. i know they announced no parades & fireworks at this time. made me wonder if they’re still planning on the halloween parties later this year. i guess they’ll make that decision when the time comes.


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Those might be limited especially if you are from a hot zone state.
What are the “hot zone” states?

And what I meant was that rental serve dvc now for these reasons:
1. The overhead is low for Disney
2. The people renting tend to spend more cash on the high profit crap than dvcers.

Now..:when would that not work anymore?
1. When sales slow and they determine is bleed doing to dvc Rentals.

That’s where things the rules slapped on resales over the last 5 year. It’s a hypothetical topic for another day/thread

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