News Walt Disney World's COVID-19 reopening plans announced - July 11

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KRR operating as normal or modifications to avoid getting masks soaked?
As of last week KRR was the one attraction that was still being debated. Not sure what the outcome was.
KRR ended up with all external water features turned off and two parties per boat. I’ve also heard potential reports of the rapids being turned down, but my suspicion is that emptier boats are letting them float over the rapids instead of “scooping” up the water.


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Billy from Kissimmee I'd guess.
at the end of the day, that doesnt change the true star here. The Egg roll. I mean i want to be able to buy things in the store, and eat the snacks. As much as i loved the tie back and the stories from those cast, its not going to stop me from going in. That is likely what Disney is banking on here. The question will be how long will we see China run on just the old movie.


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There are still international cm’s thouugh right? The full time ones and others who were not part of this program? Obviously that will change the feel of the countries, but some international feel should still remain.
I think its going to depend on how many live right there, or may of went home. If they went "home" good luck getting back in the country.
I was also wondering if in the process of moving cast around for EPCOT, if they would try to find people who's heritage comes from those nations staff that country.
Not at all, it’s based entirely on manpower needed and the seniority/full time status of them it sounds like from what news has came out from the union regarding people being moved there. The idea is to get the parks running, doing something like that would needlessly slow down the process.

Be patient, I’m sure once things finally start to return to normal within the next 2-3 years Disney will be more than happy to bring back the international CMs for the full EPCOT experience, I look forward to it as they’re one of the best parts of World Showcase.

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