News Walt Disney World's Character meet locations to reopen along with more shows and entertainment


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According to My Disney Experience, Winnie the Pooh has returned to meeting guests at Christopher Robin's Room in the UK Pavilion.



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If you look at the Cape May Cafe vs Trattoria Al Forno breakfast availability, you’ll see that CMC is a much more challenging ADR to grab.

It’s the characters, gotta think Bon Voyage will return.


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In the Parks

I read somewhere that Pocahontas, Meeko, and Goofy are back at Animal Kingdom.

Pocahontas and Meeko by Oasis.

Goofy at DinoLand.

Hope we get more characters soon!
Would be so nice if they said goodbye to the flotillas altogether and replaced them with standard meets. (And give the drummers a real show, they're fantastic!)


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For the record, last I was there (Monday) Goofy and Pocahontas aren't on land anymore.

Maybe I just got a particularly good day, but Goofy seemed to have a perpetual line when I went (a couple weeks before) for my pictures (not a Pocahantas person, didn't track her down at the time) and I even spotted him signing while walking away to apparently go on the boat later (I was impressed). It was sad, because at the same time I saw kids that were clearly excited and wanted to meet him but he had to stick to the limited hours.

Hoping that was a test and they come back. The place felt so much more lively with him there.
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