News Walt Disney World to resumes sales of Annual Passes September 8th



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Only if your a Floridian, outside of those if you pay more for less than you did. Its adding to the narrative that has been developing for a while but only coming into focus by the masses 'now'. Only current Disney could announce a price increase for something lesser on a Monday instead of a Friday afternoon.

Oh I see. So it's less about comparing the hierarchy of the passes but rather so that the new versions don't draw comparisons to the old versions since they offer less.

I still feel like more generic names would have been less condescending. Magic Pass, Magic Pass Plus, Dreamer Pass, .... generic, but not PiRaTe PaSs.


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I have to say that the fastpass replacement didn't **** me off that much. I assumed that they'd be raising prices one way or another. I didn't expect they'd raise both. I wonder if they'll announce regular tickets go up in a week and just have a month of garbage news before the 50th starts.


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My goodness, as a FL resident, Universal looks awful appealing with its $750 ($815 if you're not a FL resident) sticker price for it's 3-Park Premier Pass. It includes Universal Express after 4pm too, take that Genie. That comes out cheaper than the Sorcerer Pass ($899), but with way better benefits. Luckily, we have plenty of time to sleep on it.

Really shows how much we love Disney, as it should be a no brainer, economically speaking.
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